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You have landed here for a reason and we cannot wait to hear about your journey so far. Whether you just found out you are pregnant or you are due tomorrow, we are here to help guide you and offer anything we can to help make this process easier for you. If you are not sure what you are looking for, that is fine too! Our doulas are located in Central, New Jersey. We cover up to a 60 mile radius through Ocean County and Monmouth County, North and Western New Jersey as well as areas in Pennsylvania.

Deciding on your next steps? We suggest reaching out for our free initial consult with Chelsea. Hiring a doula to help you with your entire process is usually the best place to start! We will help you assess your current midwifery or OB practice to see if it's a perfect fit for you, find the best childbirth education classes, sort out your birth plan and decide on which additional resources are going to work for you. We are here to help with every single step you take, please reach out so we can get started.

Our birth doulas and HypnoBirthing Practitioners are here to protect your experience and memory of your birth experience, we strive to keep that one goal in mind throughout all of our meetings, conversations and guidance during childbirth. Please fill out our form or shoot us an email to get started!: info@ommamas.com

A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth

Anna Verwaal

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