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August 16, 2017
10 Questions for Your Doctor or Midwife
August 16, 2017

Your Ideal Birth – Worksheet

Are you visualizing a natural and healthy labor and birth?  More so…are you accidentally visualizing the opposite?

Take a minute and answer these for yourself, you may be surprised by some of the answers.

Download a copy here:  MyIdealBirth

Are you connecting with your baby/babies on a daily basis?

Are you using any visualization or relaxation methods during your pregnancy to prepare for birth?

How do you picture labor beginning?

Are you holding on to any fears associated to the start of labor?

How do you picture labor progressing?

Are you holding on to any fears associated with the progression of labor and delivery?

Do you have a vision for positioning during labor and pushing/birth?

Do any positions in particular make you uncomfortable during your pregnancy, specifically during Braxton hicks contractions or intense moments?

Are you comfortable speaking about any and all concerns with your doctor or midwife?

Do you enjoy essential oils? Are you using them during your pregnancy?

Are you comfortable with touch and massage?

Have you discussed options for pain relief and are you confident in your current path for a medicated, unmedicated or natural birth?

I would love to hear a bit about what came up for you during this exercise! Happy Pregnancy =)