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April 21, 2016
The Mind Body Connection – How to Stay Present During Birth
May 11, 2016

Why Elephants?

According to the National Elephant Center, “African elephants live in matriarchal communities. Females are very social, typically living together in the same herd for their whole lives. The herd is led by the oldest female, or matriarch, and consists of closely related females and their offspring. All mature females cooperate together in raising elephant calves.”

I have always loved the tribal and maternal story of the female elephant.  I remember reading about them in high school and thinking, this is why women stick together, our animalistic need is to help each other, work together to raise our young and live to support each other.  The human world confuses this structure but there’s some beautiful about it.   Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a man hater or an old school tribal mama in this modern world.  My husband and I are 50/50 in this crazy world of raising children and paying the bills.  However, as a doula, this thought of women lifting up women is so inspiring.

These beautiful creatures inspired me to have them be a part of my brand at Om Mamas Doulas. My job is to support women and their families through this beautiful journey of pregnancy and childbirth.  As I leave moms after their birth, I so often see moms, sisters, mother in laws, instinctually standing by the new mom and baby’s side and I always picture my African Elephants.