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May 21, 2019
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June 14, 2019

Why BeautyCounter Is The Perfect Side Hustle For Birth Professionals

I fought this for so long, my best friend has been preaching the benefits of selling this brand for YEARS, and while I use their products, selling them didn't seem to be a great fit for me at the time.

Then, my best friend Melissa from Create Your Ripple introduced me to Alaena from Grazed&Enthused and I started to see the other side of this beautiful business. I saw a natural way to integrate and share the products I was using with my clients without pushing them to be consultants and business owners themselves. She walked me through how to introduce this brand to clients without annoying the sh** out of everyone and losing track of my main purpose...HEALTHY, EMPOWERED MOM'S AND BIRTH.

Benefits of Becoming a BeautyCounter Consultant

1Q: How much does it cost to become a Beautycounter consultant?
A: $98 ($69 if you’re currently a band of beauty member). This includes two products (Overnight Resurfacing Peel & a Color Intense Lipstick in 9 to 5), a Beautycounter tote, pouch, a workbook, look books, and your personal website). There are discounted optional starter sets and booster sets available at sign up as well.
2Q: Are there any yearly fees after this?
A: Yes, $50/year to maintain your PWS - personal website.
3Q: How much time do I need to spend on my business?
A: You choose! Some people spend 1 hour a week, or less, and some spend 5-10 or more. You get out what you put in.
4Q: Are there any minimums I need to hit?
A: Yes. There is a $1200 minimum in sales over a 6 month period, which can either be your own personal purchases or client purchases. When you break it down, it’s about $200/month. But, there are no monthly minimums, so you could hit $1200 in your first couple of months. If you don’t meet the 6-month requirement, you are not penalized. You’re simply bumped down to a Band of Beauty member.
5Q: Do I have to host events/parties?
A: Nope! However, events are really fun and gain you the most exposure in your business. Think of yourself as a wellness advocate and an event is a fantastic platform to educate and share our advocacy efforts with guests. It’s also a great hands-on opportunity for potential clients to try our products.
6Q. Why Direct Sales?
A: We believe our story is best told person to person, and we made a very conscious decision to choose this model. We have a story to tell and a mission to spread. Our products could be on the shelves at nice department stores, but when your goal is to shift and change an entire industry, products sitting on a shelf wasn’t going to accomplish that. That being said, there are three channels we sell through: Anyone can shop our website without a consultant
Collaborations (like we did with JCREW, Target and GOOP), pop up shops (in Nantucket, LA and the Hamptons) and two permanent locations in NYC and Denver. When clients shop at these stores, we as consultants get commission! Through independent consultants like us!
7Q: I don’t have a large network and don’t really know a lot of people.
For starters, you likely know more people than you think you do! There are a few exercises for new consultants to help make a list of people you can reach out to. Once you start having events, even small ones with a couple of people, you now have tapped into that person's network - and then it keeps growing and growing. You really don’t need to know a lot of people, you just have to get creative and be willing to talk to others about what you’re up to!
8But I’m not salsey, and I don’t want my friends to avoid me.
There are many ways to represent a brand, and being pushy and salsey doesn’t have to be one of them. Because Beautycounter is an education first company, you can lead with education, share how you use the products in your own life, etc. Bottom line, you get to choose how you run your business, and there are many approaches and styles!
9 I don’t have a big social media following and I don’t want to post much. Is this the majority of the business?
NOPE! On average about 90% of sales comes from consultants sharing their story in an authentic way, and the Beautycounter story with people in their lives. This is done by talking about the industry and the need for change in everyday conversations, lending face kits, hosting events, meeting potential clients 1:1, sending samples, and through good follow up. For the average consultant, 5-10% comes from social media - IG and Facebook primarily. Many consultants end up loving the social media aspect of the business and others choose different avenues. You get to choose your style!

In the past few months of starting this side business, I have seen the most success with those in the birth professional world with me. I am SO excited to be joined by Chiropractor and Local Birth Professional Dr. Stephanie Wigner of Circle of Life Chiropractic. If there’s one thing Steph and I have always been on the same side of…it is making sure our clients are being exposed to the most healthy options available. We are both constantly learning about what is out there, where toxins may be slipping in and what we can do help prevent long term issues with the families we work with.

We were both originally sold by the sunscreen. (The new mist has completely blown my mind). I was actually just stopped on my way out of school this week by a mom that was trying out the sample mist I gave her and said she literally cannot believe how light the mist is and it works so well.

So, how do you implement this naturally into your business as birth professionals? Joining our team is a great place to start. The team you join MATTERS, we have a team of hundreds of the top bloggers, Medical professionals including midwives, doctors, chiropractors, dermatologists, etc. all working together to make sure we are sharing the most up to date information on skin care, sunscreen toxins, and just about all things involved in current federal regulation changes. Jumping into this team is like jumping in to a power house of women professionals all sharing social media posts, graphics, statistics and information empowering us all to make money together.

I include the ways I use their products into my social media, my newsletter and my everyday conversations. I also gift samples with their well known Never List (all the toxic chemicals they will never use and any other brand you are using shouldn’t be using either) as well as information on why I chose BeautyCounter.

The one thing I have learned about any of the affiliates I promote is that none of them are going to sell or make me any money if I am not using them, loving them and organically sharing information about them. This brand is no different, we did a house purge and got rid of everything that included any of the ingredients listed on their “Never” list, shared our progress on which brands totally shocked me that I had to purge (SO SAD TO SEE MRS. MEYERS GO!) As you do with birth, the way you doula and the way you love your clients…show your genuine care and love for this brand and it will pay you back in very generous ways!

As a doula, I find it’s about using the products, being genuine about which ones you use and which you don’t. The information available on what breaks through from your skin to baby, what toxins are affecting us now, what exists in your everyday products and what things to look for when choosing products for your baby. These are some of the things that made the biggest affect on me:

Children are far more vulnerable than adults to the effects of toxic chemicals and radiation.

Biomonitoring studies, which measure specific chemicals found in blood, urine, or tissue, help us to understand our potential body burden of chemicals absorbed from personal care products.

Highlights of recent studies include:

  • Women who used more personal care products, particularly those with fragrance, had higherconcentrations of several phthalates in their urine.
  • More than 200 synthetic chemicals—many of them known to be toxic—were found in the bodies ofnearly all Americans, including newborn infants, who are exposed to these chemicals in utero.
  • Pregnant women represent a particularly vulnerable population, as exposure to potentially harmfulchemicals during fetal development may lead to altered health outcomes for the child later in life. Organochlorine pesticides, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, andperchlorate were detected in 99-100% of pregnant women in the United States. Some of thesechemicals were banned more than four decades ago, indicating the persistence of these harmfulchemicals in our environment.
  • More than 80% of the 163 infants tested had at least seven phthalate metabolites in their urine, someof which correlated with the use of shampoo, lotion, or powder.
  • 16 different known hormone-disrupting chemicals (including phthalates, triclosan, parabens, and musks)were found in the bodies of 20 teenage girls.
  • The use of safer personal care products (defined as those free of suspected hormone-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and triclosan) significantly reduced the concentration of these hormone-altering chemicals in the urine of teenage girl volunteers in just three days. These results demonstrate that with conscious consumer habits, we can reduce our body burden to harmful

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, Band of Beauty Member or just a customer please reach out!