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The Snoo…Is It Worth It?

Ok, so I’m not going to lie…a year ago I saw this product for the first time in a very wealthy clients home and my first reaction was…no way, its’ just a bassinet, how could it possible be worth the money.

I also wondered, how on earth would a baby ever sleep on it’s own after this thing?

How could this be any different than a rock and play and a sound machine?

Are we sure we want text updates on how long our baby is sleeping when we aren’t there?

Guys, I am SUCH a pessimist when it comes to this stuff. I had twins that didn’t sleep/let me sleep for 15 months. I have never known any of the tricks to work in some cases. So, it took me a LONG TIME to come around to this one!

I finally dove in and found their claims on their website:

  • Adds 1-2+ hrs of sleep
  • Only bed that prevents dangerous rolling
  • Reduces need to let babies cry-it-out
  • Extra set of hands—soothes baby when you need to fix a meal or catch some zzz’s

And most interestingly that it was created by Dr. Harvey Karp – America’s #1 pediatrician, author of Happiest Baby on the Block, creator of the 5S’s.

Here’s the deal from SNOO – Happiest Baby, Inc. was founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, the world-renown pediatrician and best-selling author of Happiest Baby / Happiest Toddler on the Block. Dr. Karp is recognized with discovering that infants are born with an innate Calming Reflex, which is triggered by 5 steps that imitate the womb—Swaddling, Side-stomach position, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking—the so-called 5 S’s. Millions of parents, doctors and hospitals worldwide have turned to the 5 S’s to effectively calm fussing.

So, I reset all of my judgement when I started realizing, mom’s were purchasing these and finding sanity…that’s when things usually change for me. If I have clients that somehow work these magical vibrations, sounds and natural movements into their babies every day sleep schedule and then sort out how to use the wean cycle when they are ready, I’m ALL ABOUT IT.

I had three mom in my postpartum circle talk to me about how the SNOO was working for them and so I started researching and here’s where I have landed.

Many mom’s want a sleeping baby…but don’t want to sleep train right? (MYSELF INCLUDED)

Is the Snoo the way to meet in the middle? I have now had many clients purchase this and allow for under 4 minutes of fussing and had a baby sleep train/self soothe and get into an amazing overnight sleep schedule. This is making for sane and well-slept moms and sometimes this really does need to be our biggest priority.

They have an answer for all my questions…including the weaning issue:

Easy transition to a crib

Our app makes weaning a snap (most babies ready by 5-6 mos).

Safest baby bed

Baby stays on the back—all night + breathable mesh walls.

16 major awards

#1 Swaddle –NY Times
#1 Innovation –Nat’l Sleep Foundation

Sleep log

Parents love watching baby’s sleep get better—and better!

The also have a rental plan, which is pretty cool if you would prefer that over buying one used (also an option).

Sooooo, this is an expense and I totally get that…the other side of it is, you do see them selling fairly well on the mom sites and reselling as long as you keep it in good shape (I’ve seen my fellow twin moms scooping the used ones up and rental plans) .

Happiest Baby – SNOO Affiliate Link
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Overall, I’m in….but I still want to hear your feedback! I wanted to share a few reviews from various retailers selling the Snoo:

Hannah on Amazon: We jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks after the birth of our baby. Initially I was put off a bit by the price and bought a cheaper bassinet. However after 4 weeks of baby only doing 2-3 hour sleep chunks at a time at night and having to spend 1-2 hours a night trying to get him to fall asleep, I broke down and bought one. Best. Decision. Ever. The first night in the SNOO, he was doing 5-6 hour sleep chunks. By 10 weeks, he was sleeping through the night from 7pm-6am. Getting him to fall asleep went from taking over an hour to under a minute. It was incredible. I didn’t dread nighttime anymore! At 15 weeks, he transitioned seamlessly to his crib and has been doing his 7pm-6am sleeps in it every since.I recommend this to all of my mommy-to-be friends. Don’t let the price scare you off; after a few weeks of virtually no sleep, I was ready to pay any amount of money to feel rested. Great product, aesthetically pleasing, easy to bring on travels (we took our on a road trip along the CA coast). 5/5 stars.

Stephanie on Amazon:This thing is simply the greatest baby gear I’ve encountered. I started using it for my third child when he was 11 weeks old. I knew it was a crazy amount of money to only be able to use it for a couple months, but when I went back to work, the sleep deprivation was insane. I have 3 boys ages 3.5 yo, 18 months, and my 11 week old. The baby was waking up about every two hours and would immediately wake up if I put him ANYWHERE that wasn’t next to me. The very first night in the snoo, he slept from 8pm to almost 4am!!!! And did I mention he had previously hated being swaddled….My only regret is that I did not have this magical baby machine from day one of my very first child. Thank you Dr. Karp and all those wonderful people at the snoo factory:)