Pushed Her Baby Out On The Operating Table
February 23, 2019
March 15, 2019

Healing Second Birth

After a very difficult, long, traumatizing and painful first labor and birth, this client was hoping for a very different experience and hired a doula to achieve her goals...this mama labored all day, taking long walks outside, working through the Sabbath with her husband, marking contractions with puzzle pieces on book pages and then finally calling me to say she thought it may be time. Our doula Sue, headed over while I raced home from a family dinner and joined them at the hospital 2 hours later. This mama was 6cm when we arrived and we headed right in to have a baby! Their sweet little girl arrived 2 hours after arriving, with counter-pressure the entire 2 hours on all 4s, this mama turned over and pushed her baby right out!
1What Hospital?
Jersey Shore...we (Sue and I) arrived at the same time as the couple, the nurses asked us to wait in the room while they checked mom in in triage, then mom asked her husband to switch with me so I could come help her since their religion asks that her husband no longer touches her during labor, one of the reasons I was hired.
2What Practice?
Jersey Shore OB/GYN
3Key Positions or Movements?
On her knees over the back of the bed with counter-pressure to her tail bone and lower back was the only thing that really worked.
Perineal Massage Oil

Game Changing Products We Used

She used massage oil for the month leading up to her delivery and I swear it helped, she had no tearing with slow pushing and used more oil during delivery.