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We contacted Chelsea the day before we brought our twin boys home. With an already 9 month old at home we knew life with 3 under 1 would be hard so we needed the best of the best to help us…Enter Mary. Mary dove right in helping us navigate the new crazy , with schedule suggestions as well as organization tips to make our lives easier. When my supply dropped she helped with a new pumping schedule and recommended lactation supplements. Not only was she easy to talk to but was there during the most difficult time in our lives when my dad passed away suddenly. Every morning when we came downstairs, before heading out, Mary would update us on the boys night (sleep, feedings, etc). Knowing Mary was there to care for our babies while we got to rest was the best peace of mind. I highly recommend Mary and Om Mamas Doulas to any mommy to be (new or seasoned)!!

I recently used Om mamas for my pregnancy and had such a great experience. Not only did they quickly answer any questions I had and made me feel extremely comfortable, Mary was absolutely wonderful during my delivery. I am so glad I made the decision to use their services. We went over my birth plan prior to my delivery, and Mary did everything she could to assure we stuck to my wishes as much as possible. Giving birth can be overwhelming and it was nice having someone who I felt was really advocating for me so that me and my partner could just focus on my comfort and having a safe delivery. All of the doulas are extremely knowledgeable and have given me so much helpful advice. I know I can always teach out anytime I have a concern and that is a great comfort with a newborn at home. Also, their classes are extremely informative. I also like having access to the new mom’s WhatsApp group where I can ask for recommendations and advice. It’s nice being able to talk to people going through the same thing I am. Overall, their services were definitely worth it


We had the best experience with Mary and Om Mama Doulas. Mary started our first night home from the hospital with twin boys, over the next 12 weeks she taught us so much and got our boys on a schedule for the night. Mary always made gentle suggestions and steered us in the right direction when it was clear we had no idea what we were doing. She taught us how to feed both babies at the same time, how to use a breast pump properly, showed us how to safely give them a bath, had tips for our son’s indigestion and so much more.
Mary was so patient with us and our boys, most days we counted down to Mary’s arrival and our babies would light up when they saw her. We always felt safe leaving the boys with Mary, Erin, or Kayla and they alleviated so much of the stress around being first time parents. We learned so much and would recommend Om Mama Doulas to anyone looking for help during those first weeks and months home with a newborn.


I am beyond grateful to om mama doula's. Hiring them was the best decision I made . I had such a peace of mine throughout my pregnancy. If I had any questions or any concerns about anything I was experiencing Join an after my pregnancy. They were always right there for me. .There's support was truly amazing. As for my labor . I couldn't even imagine not having Lauren there. She was my rock throughout the whole entire thing. I am beyond grateful to them. I look forward to working with them in the future when I have more kids.


Kayla has been the biggest Blessing to me & my family! As a military wife whose husband is not here, she has given me a huge sense of relief! She gives me a break but also helps with dishes, laundry, etc. She is SO SWEET and always asks me what my goals are for the day whether it’s sleep, errands, etc. Also my baby can be screaming but when “Miss Kayla” comes she completely stops! Chelsea also has been amazing with helping me to schedule my postpartum doula care. I am so grateful & Blessed to have found Om Doula! Highly recommend them for all your doula needs!


I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Om Mamas Doulas! They supported me through a long (third) pregnancy going above and beyond for me when I was having a difficult time. Chelsea and Lauren were so knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and labor. It was truly impressive and gave me confidence in all the decisions we made. They were both well versed in spinning babies to encourage optimal fetal positioning and they helped guide me though what exercises to do during pregnancy. During labor, Chelsea was able to look at my contraction pattern and know how far along I was. She also had me in all kinds of positions to help baby descend which is exactly what I needed! They also were both very familiar with and comfortable working with all the doctors In my OB practice as well as the nurses at the hospital. This was a tremendous help! My husband and I didn’t need to try to navigate this all alone because we had them to guide us. Their loving support throughout my journey took away my worries and fears. They encouraged me whenever I felt like giving up! I highly recommend working with them. They will make you feel like you found your tribe!


I cannot fully express how much having Lauren and Chelsea as my doulas meant for my pregnancy and birth. I found them in my 2nd trimester and they immediately opened up lines of communication with me. I was able to reach out with any concerns or questions from the first day working with them. Their knowledge of local resources for pregnant mommas was so helpful. Lauren was worth her weight in gold for my birth. We knew my labor was approaching so she was ready for my call in the middle of the night. She helped inform the Midwife and hospital of my arrival. Upon arrival to the hospital she was waiting for me. She took me into the ER check in desk and made them understand how urgent it was to get me into a room asap. I know without her advocating for me in that moment I would've had my baby in the waiting area or triage room. Once in the room, she made sure all my wishes were heard and addressed. My birth was a whirlwind and only a little over an hour from the first contraction, but she made sure it was everything I needed it to be to heal from my first birth. If you have any hesitation about using Om Mama, you shouldn't. They are bringing the sense of village back to mommas in a society that has forgotten how desperately mothers need a village to thrive.


Hiring Om Mamas Doulas was one of the best decisions we made to support my pregnancy, the birth of our beautiful daughter, as well as my postpartum journey. Having access to the doulas and the “expecting moms” group was invaluable during my pregnancy. Any questions I had were answered immediately by Kayla and Lauren, and I fully trust their expertise. Kayla joined my husband and I during the birth of our daughter and we cannot stop talking about how grateful we are to have hired Om Mamas and had Kayla by our side. She was not only a huge support for me during labor but also for my husband. Kayla came to our home for a postpartum visit this past week and answered so many of our questions, making us feel more confident as we navigate being first-time parents. The cost of hiring Om Mamas is SO worth it - the support they provided and continue to provide postpartum is truly priceless. We look forward to using Om Mamas again for our next pregnancy.


My experience with Chelsea & Lauren was great. Having Lauren with us in the hospital during the birth of our daughter gave both my husband and I a sense of ease. She gave the support both physically and mentally that I needed in order to safely bring our daughter into this world Both Chelsea and Lauren were there for us before, during and after the birth and it was so nice to have them there for support and to answer all of the questions that come up during this time. I'm so glad that we decided to use Om Mama Doulas and would recommend to everyone who is considering having a doula


Can I Just start by saying that I   love Om Mamas Doulas! I   was apprehensive at first when hiring a doula but I     couldn't be happier with my decision. Both Chelsea & Lauren have this calm demeanor about themselves that I   just wanted to be near them or touching them throughout my labor. I   felt like they were a big advocate for me & my baby & their energy is really what helped me the entire time. I   look forward to hiring them & having them in on my next birth.


I wanted to write a review based on my experience with this Agency.   Jack is now 3 months old and we have been using this Agency since he was a newborn.  At only 1 ½ months old, he was sleep trained from 9pm until 6am, which was absolutely AMAZING!  The ENTIRE team is so professional, reliable, sweet, kind & caring.  Being a first time Mother, they taught me everything I needed to know.  Kayla & Mary even came to my house the day after my Baby Shower and spent over an hour helping me organize and sort through gifts.  The most important thing that they taught me going through these gifts is to not over-complicate the process and taking the simple approach in comparison to the new high-tech gadgets that were making me feel over-whelmed and that has made my life so easy with the baby. I am so very grateful for this Agency and even though Jack is 3 months old, we are having a hard time letting go (lol), it has been that much of an amazing experience!  Getting a full nights sleep allows my Husband & I to function when working full times hours the next day.  I would HIGHLY recommend this Agency to anyone looking for the BEST of the BEST in the industry 😊


From the moment I knew I wanted kids, I knew I wanted to hire a doula and try my hardest to have a natural birthing experience. I’m so glad I hired Chelsea and Lauren! From the moment I met them, they were always available to answer questions and give me the support I needed. No matter what time of the day or night, they always responded. They provided me with education I needed for during the pregnancy, during labor and after. I needed to be induced when I got to 40 weeks and Lauren was available to me all night while I was in the hospital. She talked me through every step and answered all questions and concerns. When contractions started, the minute I needed help, Chelsea left her house to come meet me in the hospital. It was a LONG process and Chelsea was there for me and my husband without leaving our sides until I got to hold my baby girl. She pushed me when I didn’t think I could anymore and she did everything she could to make me as comfortable as possible. My husband didn’t think a doula was necessary but with Chelsea there using all her tricks, even my husband was grateful and said we couldn’t have done it without her. I’m so glad I had them throughout my pregnancy and birthing process and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a doula!

I didn't have the best pregnancy experience. I had physical and emotional complications that really made me second guess how well I would do during labor. I had the pleasure to have gotten in contact with Cassie and from day one my mind was put at ease. my needs and wants were no longer looked over and I started to feel the empowered and confident. she offered me support round clock and was given so many resources to help my pregnancy and my birth along. my labor was filled with happiness and no stress she kept me motivated and comfortable and captured a day I will never forget.


This took way too long for me to post, but that's my fault and says nothing about my experience with Cassie. Cassie was everything that I needed at the end of my pregnancy. I had been nauseous and vomiting the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy and once the 3rd trimester hit I was achey and exhausted. My interactions with medical staff were brief and often invalidating, not only as a young, unmarried first time mom, but as a queer person. When I made my birth plan and gave a copy to my doctor, he was visibly annoyed that I wanted to go a more natural route (which didn't really end up happening with my 28+ hour labor, but we all like to hope things go our way). He was very rude and unsupportive, which made my time spent with Cassie all the more meaningful. Cassie helped me come up with a birth plan and went over the techniques I thought might be helpful during my labor. She answered my texts when I just needed to vent my frustrations and concerns and was ready to meet me at the hospital every time I wrongly thought I was going into labor. When it was actually show time, Cassie arrived quickly and supported me for 28 hours as I labored in the hospital. She helped me squats down, stand up, lay down, bounce, get in and out of the tub, help my partner support me, and did her best to make me comfortable and get me through what felt like eternity. I will always be grateful for the warmth and assistance that Cassie provided and I highly recommend her services if you are looking for a doula


After my experience with Om Mamas Doulas I really wish doulas were a standard part of care covered by insurance so all expecting families had access. Chelsea and Lauren guided me throughout my first pregnancy, offering support and advice to help me navigate the many decisions which would have otherwise been very overwhelming. It also gave my husband great peace of mind to know we had a team to help us during labor so he could just support me.
I know that without this team I would not have had the positive birth experience and enjoyable postpartum experience that I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had. Chelsea was everything my husband and I needed during labor: a guide, a coach, a cheerleader, and also good company! She is also the keeper of our birth story - she recounted the funny/unique moments that we’d nearly forgotten in our labor haze. We’re forever grateful to her and our midwife for our daughter’s unforgettable birth.
And then the fourth trimester support - having Kayla has been a game changer and so worth the continued investment. She’s given us all the resources and tools to make our breastfeeding journey possible and first weeks so enjoyable - giving us the energy and space to truly bond instead of feeling overwhelmed.
This is a team that truly cares and are absolute pros. Thank you Om Mamas team, from the bottom of our hearts!!


I am not one to usually leave reviews, but the spirit has moved me.
Being pregnant at the height of Covid last year (with my first baby no less) was not ideal. It was downright stressful at times (actually a lot of the time). Add on to that a move AND a breech baby that just didn’t want to budge…I was reeling. Everything was going not the way I pictured. Enter, Chelsea and Lauren. If it were not for them, I don’t know how I would have dealt with things. They supported me, prepared me, championed me. They helped me make sure I had control over the narrative of my birth story, even if it wasn’t what I anticipated at first. Then you add in the magic that is Kayla. She was the ultimate teacher (her classes were THE BEST, and I wish every new parent could take them) and like a best friend all rolled into one. She’ll answer your crazy questions and field your frantic calls. This woman knows her sh*t.
The one memory that stands out to me – which just solidifies who these women are: The day after I brought my daughter home from the hospital – I was not in a good place mentally. The baby blues were hitting me HARD, and I was overwhelmed with breastfeeding and so incredibly worried that in 72 hours, somehow, I had become the world’s worst Mom. I remember my husband reached out to Chelsea, asking if someone could come. Because as amazing as he was through the whole process, he did not know how to help me. How to reach me at that moment. Within an hour, Chelsea and Kayla were at our door. THERE WAS SNOW ON THE GROUND, as it had just stormed the night before, and yet they still came. They talked with me, they helped me, they listened to me and let me cry, and assured me I wasn’t a terrible mother. They were just there, and they saved my life in a way. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
Om Mama Doulas are true angels on earth, and if having a doula is for you, then you want them on your team. You just do. And I know for when I make this journey again someday, and have another baby, they’ll be who I call.


Choosing to hire a doula team for the birth of our son was the best decision we could have made, and something that I will recommend to all of my friends! Not only did Kayla and Chelsea provide wonderful support and information leading up to our due date, they were ready to go when our baby decided to make an early appearance, two weeks to be exact! Kayla gave us support while I labored at home until it was time for her to meet us at the hospital. There, she worked seamlessly with the hospital’s staff to ensure that I was well taken care of. Her encouragement and guidance was so helpful to both me and my husband!! I had an unmedicated birth to a beautiful boy, weighing 9lbs .04oz and 22 inches!! My birth experience was truly empowering and I have Kayla to thank for that! ❤️


After a traumatic experience with the birth of my first child, I knew I wanted a doula for extra support. Chelsea, Kayla and Lauren were so warm, welcoming and accommodating. They answered any questions I had during my pregnancy and checked in on me regularly. When I had to be induced 3 weeks early, they were ready to go. Kayla and Lauren communicated with me throughout my long induction and Kayla was at the bedside during and after the birth. The second Kayla showed up, she instantly knew what to do get things moving. She was incredibly calm and informative. Within an hour and a half of Kayla arriving, my son was born. When I felt like giving up Kayla was there to support me. It was truly an amazing experience. If you are looking for a doula look no more. Feel free to message me for more details or any questions ! I seriously cannot say enough good things about them!! 💖💖💖


Chelsea and Kayla from Om Mama Doula's were a true beacon of light for me when I was struggling in the dark postpartum! Chelsea responded to my text for help almost immediately with an outstretched hand, I knew right away I was in the right place and I wasn't alone. (my husband was stuck out of the country my entire pregnancy and the first 2 months postpartum) After my first call with Kayla, I really didn't know how much I didn't know!!! And I don't know how anyone is doing this without them, the baby knowledge is unbelievable!!! My mom, husband and I would count down the days until Kayla was coming! They are an incredible resource and transformed our parenting experience to be a confident one, with more sleep and were prepared for all the changes with baby! All we had to do was surrender and take on what Kayla was recommending and it all turns out.

My birth was everything that I had hoped for and Om Mama Doulas was a huge part of making this happen. Lauren was calm and pleasant throughout the entire process and was totally in sync with me during every part of my labor and delivery. I can honestly say I don't think things would have turned out the way I wanted if Lauren wasn't involved in helping me achieve my goal of getting to the finish line without any drugs or medical interventions. There aren't enough words to describe how thankful I am.


If you're looking for a great doula look no further. Hiring Om Mamas Doulas was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy. Their knowledge, guidance, and resources have been so comforting for us during this huge life shift. They are so kind, caring, and great to work with!


I was hesitant about hiring a doula, a stranger, to be in the room during the birth of my first child but boy was I wrong. From the beginning, Chelsea and Lauren made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Knowing I had them in my corner gave me so much confidence going into my labor. Chelsea was the greatest coach/supporter to both my husband and I who had no idea what we were doing! And then there’s the postpartum care. First an in home visit with Chelsea and Lauren to debrief from the birth and go over the basics of newborn care. Then, when things were really getting tough for me, Kayla came and turned things around! Kayla has so much knowledge from breastfeeding to baby sleep, she is truly a gem. Most of all, she helped me bring out the confidence I needed to trust my mom instincts. This team of ladies are so caring and genuine. Don’t think twice about hiring them!


I reached out to Om Mamas in preparation for a natural birth. Aside from my fabulous team of Obstetricians, I was looking to have a very strong and knowledgeable doula to help guide me through this journey.
Leading up to my birth, Kayla and Taylar were super helpful - checked in with me and answered all of my questions. My husband and I took the natural childbirth class and the newborn class with Kayla and felt both classes helped ease our minds and arm us with tools for what was to come.
Kayla was a blessing and stayed with us throughout my wild ride - 39 hours of induction and labor. Kayla helped me exhaust every option in the book for a vaginal birth. While we ultimately ended up in the OR for a c-section, she helped me find peace in knowing that I was making the best decision for my baby. Without Kayla, my husband and I would have been scared, confused, I probably would be feeling lots of guilt and disappointment for not having a vaginal birth. However with her, we were able to achieve our ultimate goal of meeting our happy and healthy baby boy. I feel nothing but overwhelming joy and love for my son regardless of how he entered this world.
Thank you Kayla for sharing your strength, knowledge and time with us. We are forever grateful for you.


We used Kayla for sleep consultation and she is amazing!! It is so reassuring knowing she is on this sleep journey with us and our 4 month old


It is hard to put into words the affection and gratitude I have for the support I received from everyone I encountered with Om Mama Doula's. They were so responsive, knowledgeable, and truly committed to providing compassionate support. I would highly recommend them for labor & delivery or postpartum care.


Where do I even start? Don’t look any further, do yourself a favor and “hire” Chelsea, Lauren and Kayla now. I say “hire” because nothing about working with these amazing women felt like a business relationship. From my first call with Chelsea, to prenatal classes with Kayla, and my labor and delivery with Lauren at my side I felt like I was with friends who I’d know for years and not just 4 months.
Having my first child during a pandemic left me feeling anxious and unsupported. The basics are covered at your doctors appointment, but I felt like I was stressed all the time and didn’t have the full support i wanted.
I found all of that and more with om mamas doulas.
Chelsea and Lauren helped by sharing resources, exercises and advice during my pregnancy to help prepare me for birth. We had a group text where they would check in on me and where I could easily reach out to them with any questions or concerns. They helped me with questions to ask my doctor and things to be prepared for during labor.
I took all three of Kayla’s prenatal classes (childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding) and can’t recommend them enough! It was some of the most real advice I’ve received (and now having given birth and taken care of a two month old I can confirm was all true and helpful!) and you’ll want to be Kayla’s BFF five minutes into class.
And finally, I can’t imagine my labor and delivery without Lauren by my side. She and Chelsea responded to my 12am, 1am 2am and more texts when I was convinced I would be giving birth any minute (spoiler I was hours away ha) and I never felt like I was bothering them.
Lauren came to my house at 6am and helped me to get to 7cm at home before we left for the hospital. Without her I probably would have ended up going into the hospital so much earlier than I needed to be. She helped me with breathing and managing my contractions all the way through pushing out my son at 6:15pm. She helped with positioning, speaking up for me with doctors and nurses, helping my husband help me, and made me feel so supported during my entire labor and delivery. She and Chelsea also continued to check up on me in the weeks following the birth of my son.
Lastly, my husband didn’t love the idea of having a doula. But after having Lauren by our side he is a believer (for any other husbands or partners out there who may feel this way. You won’t regret it!)
I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect after hiring someone I just met to be with me for the birth of my first child, but I can confidently say it was the beat decision I made for myself during my pregnancy and hope to partner with these amazing ladies for any future children I may have!


My husband and I found out we were having twins and were so excited. Chelsea was amazing from the very beginning and we felt so relieved to have found her. It was tough to give birth during the pandemic, but she was always a constant support for my husband and I. I especially appreciated that she sent her colleagues in to check on me during my hospital stays.
We then had a few of the night nurses stay with us when the girls arrived. Mary, Bree and Sue were all so kind and great with our babies. While everyone was absolutely wonderful, our girls spent most nights with Kayla. Kayla was incredible. She was extremely helpful as our lactation specialist and a real Mary Poppins to our twins. Breastfeeding two babies was stressful in the beginning and I feel really grateful to have had her support. I highly recommend Chelsea, Kayla and her entire team.


Hi! I just took part in a group birth class with Kayla!! She was awesome and super helpful! I enjoyed the class a lot and felt like it has prepared my husband and I to feel more excited and informed about birth! I would totally recommend anyone to Om Mama's Doulas because we had a great experience 🙂


After having not a really great birth experience (emergency C section after 19 hours of induction) with my first child, I decided to be more prepared for next time and hired doula for my second pregnancy. I was connected with Kayla. She was so great and supportive throughout my almost 42 weeks pregnancy and my intention to have natural birth. Even though I ended up with second c section, I still remember Kayla’s words before section: “Sometimes baby in the womb knows something that we don’t know. You have to trust your baby. You done everything you could to have natural birth, but your baby knows what’s better for both of you. The most important is to have healthy baby, but not how you get there.” It was so true in our case, turns out it was very dangerous for me to have natural birth. I always feel blessed to have right people in right time with me and Kayla for sure is one of them. Thank you for all you do.


Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the ladies at Om Mama’s Doulas, especially Chelsea and Lauren! They not only provided support throughout the entire pregnancy, they were there every second of my labor and really helped to explain and advocate for us! They went above and beyond by checking in and providing support after delivery as well! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting some extra support.


I started working with Kayla 2 weeks ago and all I can say is, “why didn’t I reach out sooner?!”
Our daughter was going through the 4 month sleep regression and it was taking a toll on all of us. I felt so bad for our daughter because I wanted her to get better sleep and I wanted to make sure that we were doing everything the best we could to support her.
After 1 one hour zoom call with Kayla, I learned SO much! Little tweaks and changes to our routine has helped so much!
I learned so much in that 1 hour, that I decided I needed her guidance a bit more and signed up for the monthly unlimited service with her! It is so great to have her along the journey especially when I have a quick question or concern!
Our 5 month old daughter now naps in her crib and has become a much better nighttime sleeper too!
Kayla listened to my concerns & allowed me to take the information and make the best decisions for our family when it comes to sleeping and I’m grateful for that.
If you see anything like me, crave a routine/schedule & made the mistake of following all of the overwhelming information out there on the internet, then reach out to Kayla. I’m forever grateful!


I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for the love and support from working with Chelsea and Kayla. I knew I wanted to have a natural labor and OmMama doulas came highly recommended to me from a friend who had used them for her birth experience. From the moment I met them I felt extremely comfortable. Their knowledge and compassion for what they do is undeniable. Labor for me is a vulnerable, intimate and personal experience and Kayla was with me during my labor and made me feel like she was someone I knew my whole life. I felt extremely safe and confident in her and her presence helped me to relax and stay focused to fulfill my birth plan. She was my voice and kept the mood relaxed and calm. When we arrived at the hospital I was ready to deliver our bundle of joy, I could not have been more prepared. All the staff at the hospital were amazed at how “fast” our little guy came into the world. I was prepared to be flexible because sometimes things don’t always go as planned but we were so blessed that they did. If you are thinking about hiring a doula for your birth experience, don’t hesitate. As a first time mom it was scary to think about labor and delivery but there was nothing scary about working with Chelsea and Kayla, I never felt more prepared and wouldn’t want another pregnancy/delivery without them. XOXO Michelle and Andrew

As a first time mom, my gut told me to hire a doula but as someone with two chronic illnesses & plenty of experience navigating the medical field, my partner and I questioned whether hiring Lauren was necessary. Let me just say, without a doubt, IT WAS. I had done plenty of reading and years of living with endometriosis prepared my partner and I for the physical experience of labor. But none of these factors prepared me for the emotional & spiritual journey that is labor and delivery.   The moment she arrived, Lauren's energy flooded the room, wrapping me in a warm blanket of comfort, strength and pride. From helping me walk through my contractions, to providing guidance to my partner and I when they started to slow, turning down the lights & turning up the music, holding my hand and encouraging me with words of affirmation, Lauren knew exactly what to do & when. Having Lauren present for this most important day of my life felt like having my best friend, sister, & fairy godmother all wrapped into one person lifting me up and hugging me close. Looking back, as someone whose experienced much medical trauma, and who, just days before giving birth, had a tiff with the midwife who ended up delivering my son, it's pretty amazing that I never once felt unsafe, never felt worried or anxious, never felt out of control. I attribute this to Lauren's guidance and support.   Lauren attended another birth the same day & never once did I feel her attention was diverted elsewhere. Lauren was born to be a birth worker- her love, guidance, energy and words of support are a necessity for births of all kinds. I will never forget her smile while holding my leg up as I pushed, her sweet voice saying, "I'm so proud of you, you're doing amazing," as tears streamed down her face. She wasn't just there next to me, she was in it with me. Please, do yourself a favor and hire Lauren as your doula.


I don’t think there are words to accurately describe how incredible our experience with Chelsea and her team has been. I found Chelsea a few months into my first pregnancy. From the moment I met her, I immediately felt at ease and more confident about my pregnancy and birth. The birth of my first son was traumatic, and left not only me but also my husband scrambling for understanding and comfort. As our son was entering the world, my husband was left alone and unknowing of what would happen to me and our unborn son in the room next door, and he leaned on the support, knowledge and comfort of Chelsea. She advocated to stay with him through our emergency and remained with our new family even while I was still not awake from being under anesthesia. Preparing for the birth of our second son was difficult and anxiety inducing for both my husband and I, and we knew we needed Chelsea’s guidance and emotional support to get us through. From the moment I shared my pregnancy with Chelsea, she provided immense support and numerous suggestions to help me achieve my goal of a VBAC. Chelsea helped me labor at home for hours, identifying ways to help make my VBAC goal come true. Without Chelsea, I don’t think I would have had the courage or strength to attempt and eventually achieve a VBAC delivery with my son. Chelsea’s every suggestion or bit of knowledge or recommended movement, even the seemingly crazy ones at first, led us to meet our beautiful son by way of a successful VBAC. Even as a second time mom, I was feeling unsure, insecure and worried about breastfeeding. In an incredibly vulnerable time, Kayla’s natural and nonjudgmental way of being allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my concerns and open for her to share her knowledge and wisdom. In the insanity of the postpartum period with a newborn and a two year old, Kayla offered the support and guidance which lifted an immense weight off my shoulders. I will strongly recommend and encourage every pregnant or postpartum woman I know to connect with Chelsea and her team! Doulas are an essential support for mom and her whole team!


Chelsea was with my husband and I through our back to back pregnancies these past 2 years. She was a breath of fresh air, so supportive and answered all of our questions. I'm so happy I found her for my pregnancy and L&D journey. She has also become a great friend. I could have not done it without her wealth of knowledge and support. I highly recommend her and her company!


My husband and I are expecting our first baby this November and it was recommended by our doula to take a birth class with Om mamas. We took a virtual class with Kayla and it was the BEST thing we could’ve done! The class was amazing and so was Kayla. Very informative, she took the time to answer all our questions and concerns and it was just fantastic. My husband was hesitant about taking a 2 hour class online but time flew by he didn’t even noticed it had passed two hrs by the time it was over, and now he feels ready with all the information Kayla gave us. We extremely recommend their classes and I’m looking forward to take a few more to prepare myself for breastfeeding. Thank you again Kayla and Om mama’s for your services .


Chelsea and her team are absolutely wonderful! We connected with Om Mamas Doulas because of a recommendation from a friend, and we cannot imagine navigating life with a newborn without them. We have worked with Taylar and Kayla for postpartum support and both of them are awesome! Taylar was our overnight doula for the first six weeks of our baby boy’s life and we truly would not have made it through without her! She brought such calming energy to our home, and she helped get our boy used to good sleep habits from the start. And Kayla...where do I start?! Kayla has been our baby guru/advisor from day one, answering every question (no matter how silly) and guiding us through the first few months of parenthood. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient, and she has a wealth of knowledge on both newborns and maternal postpartum health. She has helped me through my breastfeeding troubles while also helping our boy grow and thrive (and pretty much sleep through the night by 8 weeks!!). We highly recommend this team!

Kayla and the Om Mamas team have been such an amazing part of our post-partum journey.  The newborn stage can be a disorienting time and Kayla helped us find more routine and purpose so we can better enjoy this time with our new addition.  Kayla is extremely skilled at cracking the baby code but, more than that, she is extremely compassionate and supportive of birth parents and their partners.  New babies impact the entire family unit and Kayla’s approach offers guidance that helps everyone get into the swing of your new life together.  Whether you are struggling with something specific or just want an extra set of hands, Kayla’s support will meet you where you are at.  If you are considering working with an Om Mamas doula as part of your post-partum journey, do not hesitate: It is truly one of the best investments we have made in our family!


“So far I have taken virtual versions of Kayla’s breastfeeding and newborn care classes which have been some of the best decisions I’ve made during my pregnancy. The class sizes are small and personal which makes it very comfortable to talk openly and ask questions. Taking class with Kayla is like having a close friend tell you what you can actually expect and she is so sweet, supportive, and encouraging to each person's choices. Kayla’s classes offer plenty of information based on her professional knowledge as well as her own personal experiences. She also has tons of knowledge and recommendations for baby products which is amazing since this area can be so confusing for a first time mom! I felt so much more prepared for both breastfeeding and bringing baby home after these classes... they really are beyond worth it!!”


My husband and I found out we were having twins and were so excited. Chelsea was amazing from the very beginning and we felt so relieved to have found her. It was tough to give birth during the pandemic, but she was always a constant support for my husband and I. I especially appreciated that she sent her colleagues in to check on me during my hospital stays.
We then had a few of the night nurses stay with us when the girls arrived. Mary, Bree and Sue were all so kind and great with our babies. While everyone was absolutely wonderful, our girls spent most nights with Kayla. Kayla was incredible. She was extremely helpful as our lactation specialist and a real Mary Poppins to our twins. Breastfeeding two babies was stressful in the beginning and I feel really grateful to have had her support. I highly recommend Chelsea, Kayla and her entire team.


I definitely recommend the breastfeeding support group to anyone who is on this journey! My baby girl is two weeks old and as a first time mom I had so many questions as I got a few days in to breastfeeding. Kayla is wonderful, we were able to talk through everything and she helped me feel so much more comfortable with breastfeeding. Being able to talk through any concerns is so comforting and encouraging and I look forward to continuing with the group!


I cannot say enough good things about Chelsea, Lauren and Kayla. A friend of mine suggested them to me after working with them for her own birth, and it was the best recommendation I’ve ever gotten. The level of support these women provide is something that no pregnant, birthing or new mother should ever go without. From my (sometimes overdramatic) concerns and questions to my legitimate fears and doubts, they were there to guide me and assure me everything was ok. Never making me feel silly for not knowing things, despite this being my second baby.
I had my daughter in April, right in the peak of this pandemic, and Lauren still did not hesitate to accompany me during my c section. It was such a scary time to have a baby, and she was right there to comfort me, literally wipe my tears and hold my hand during all my happy, scary and vulnerable moments. There is something beyond comforting about knowing you have a true advocate in your corner, making sure you have the experience you deserve. I cannot imagine having gone through that without her there by my side.
After having a hard time breastfeeding my first, the team knew this was a huge goal for me this time around and that’s where Kayla came in. Even though we had to work virtually because of the pandemic, she offered me an amazing level of support via FaceTime, and as a result I have been successfully exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for almost 4 months and her pediatrician is thrilled with her growth. I had so many questions, concerns, and plenty of tears through the beginning of my breastfeeding journey and Kayla was always there to encourage me and guide me. She also helped me get my daughter on a schedule as early as 6 weeks old which was life changing for us.
If you are on the fence about whether or not having this doula team is necessary - trust me when I say IT IS. Regardless of if you’ve already had babies or if you already have a super supportive partner  - what these ladies will be able to provide is invaluable. It’s well worth it, and you will not regret it!


I highly recommend these ladies for all aspects of childbirth! They will make sure you have all the knowledge and support you need to succeed! Chelsea and Lauren were my birth doulas and I couldn’t have had the amazing birth I did without them. From the time I decided I wanted to get pregnant I dreamed of having a natural birth. I knew in my heart I could do it, but I knew I wanted a doula to help me stay focused. I certainly made the right choice in going with Om Mama! They stayed with me at home through 18 hours of labor! They pulled out every trick in the book to help me make the most out of each contraction. When it was finally time to go to the hospital I was 9cm on arrival! They kept in touch via phone through delivery with my husband and even gave him some essential oils to bring. With their help I was able to have the birth I’d dreamed of! It was incredible!
Kayla has been my amazing postpartum doula! 3 days before delivery my husband was promoted to a position that would require a lot more time away from home as soon as we left the hospital. We knew I’d need the support with our new baby and yet again we made a fantastic choice in hiring Om Mama. Kayla kept me cool and collected through little panicky moments and frustrations as well as making recommendations for every corner of new mom life. She has helped me be the best new mom that I can be and I am forever grateful! If you know you want a doula but you’re not sure who, look no further! This is where you want to be!

Mary Kate

I cannot say enough good things about Kayla from OmMamas. I took her breastfeeding class online fairly late in my pregnancy (40 weeks to be exact), and my only regret was not taking it sooner. The class is filled with important information and Kayla is very knowledgeable and forthcoming with information on different breastfeeding techniques/ feeding schedules. Not only did she cover basic breastfeeding and pumping skills, but she provided tips on sleep schedules and sent a tremendous amount of links to different supplies/products that she recommends. Aside from the informative nature of her class, Kayla’s helpful, caring, and welcoming personality is enough for me to recommend this class (and anything she does, truthfully) to anyone looking for help. After I gave birth to my son, I struggled with breastfeeding for a little over a month. My son’s latch was shallow and painful, and I suffered from two bouts of mastitis. I was told by a lactation consultant and a pediatrician that he was tongue-tied, and they recommended surgery or switching full time to bottle feeding/formula. I was against the surgery and at the end of my rope, when Kayla stepped in. She was the voice of reason and comfort that I needed when I felt most alone. She took time out of her day (for free) to meet with me and discuss different techniques and options to continue trying to breastfeed, but - above all - she offered reassurance that everything I was feeling and going through was absolutely normal. Within a few days of that meeting, I was breastfeeding my son for every feeding - pain free! - and he was thriving. I am so beyond grateful for Kayla, and the entire team at OmMamas, for such selfless and caring support.


I have never heard of postpartum support until I had my baby girl and needed some extra help.  My little baby was losing weight after she was born and as a first time mom I was freaking out!  Chelsea referred me to a wonderful lactation consultant which was extremely helpful, but I was super nervous and anxious for my little girl that I really needed more support.   When Chelsea suggested that a night doula could help me,  I was 100% on board.  I figured, Chelsea is amazing and if she is suggesting this, then sign me up!  This is how we met Mary (Mary Poppins as we call her in my home).  With Mary’s background as a postpartum nurse, at the hospital I gave birth, we were so happy to have her come help us! I will never forget Mary’s first visit to our house.  When she came in I just knew she was the perfect person to help me!  She was so sweet to my baby and wanted to see everything we were doing, she completely assessed our situation and then was ready to give her advice.  Her professionalism and knowledge has been invaluable for a first time mother.   We had our very own private nurse checking on the health of our baby.  She examined my little girl each time she came to the house, asked me questions about her feeding and sleeping schedules.  Mary spotted a few things that the hospital and doctors missed!  Her attention to my baby was impeccable.  Mary even helped me get on a great schedule that had her sleeping like a pro!  I was able to learn the techniques and skills to be a better mother to my baby.  There is something comforting when your postpartum doula says, “in the hospital we do...” and I was extremely grateful to have all of her advice!   The peace of mind she gave us was priceless. Even though I was working with a lactation consultant Mary was able to help me with breastfeeding as well.  We were trying to get my supply up and we were very successful!  Mary helped teach me how to keep my baby awake during feedings, and teach my little one how to nurse more efficiently.  She also helped me with my diet, making sure I had enough calories, keeping a food journal to figure out what worked and what didn’t.  This actually was so successful I had a freezer filled with milk, pure liquid gold! Mary is an extraordinary person and an amazing nurse/night doula.  Having her come at night allowed me to get a good nights sleep and I always felt like a million bucks the next morning.  I was ready to take care of my little newborn with tons of energy! Sometimes you just need to rest and reset.  You need a night where you aren’t staring at the monitor because you think you may have heard the baby move.  I always felt completely comfortable and trusted my baby with her.  Mary really is the baby whisperer. My baby loved Mary and that was so comforting knowing my baby was happy and in such good hands while I took care of myself and got some much needed sleep. Mary will always have a special place in our hearts as she helped us navigate through becoming parents and taking care of a baby. She was always checking in on me, asking if I needed anything, answered all of my questions and gave the best advice. She was so valuable getting us through the newborn stage and helping us settle in to being first time parents.  I am truly thankful for her and for all she has done for me and my beautiful little girl.   My very own Mary Poppins is, “Practically perfect in every way!” Cheryl Petocz-Garbarino


I did not find out about Om Mamas Doulas until I was four weeks postpartum, but since that time they have been my most helpful resource. After the birth of my daughter, I struggled hard with postpartum anxiety. Chelsea and Kiah made me feel so supported, and it was such a relief to know that I was not alone in the way I felt. For the past 10 months, they have provided me with so much love and encouragement, and my daughter and I have made such good friends with other moms. I also could not leave this review without a shoutout to the most amazing Kayla. Even though our little one started sleeping through the night at 2 months old, she hit sleep regression hard at 7 months. She would never fall asleep without us rocking her, and only took 20 minute naps. Kayla helped guide us the right direction for training her to self soothe and now our daughter falls asleep on her own, sleeps through the night, and takes over hour long naps! We love the doulas at Om Mamas, and I would highly recommend them to any expecting mother or mother with a newborn!”


My husband and I took Kayla’s infant care class this week and loved it. The small class and Kayla’s open and down to earth personality helped make everything easy to learn and provided a comfortable environment to ask questions and gain knowledge. She provided advice and her own experience which was helpful as we head into our last preparations before meeting our first baby! My husband especially appreciated what he calls Kayla’s “daddy positive” vibes!


Chelsea is amazing! I took her Natural Birth class and learned so much great information and her presence as my doula at my birth was so helpful! I was able to have the water birth I hoped for and I truly don't think the tub would have been set up in time had she not been there. She has such a calming presence and is so knowledgeable!! I highly recommend her!


If you're having a baby and in need of a kind, smart, non-judgmental, helping hand and new mama coach... Call Om Mamas for a Post Partum Doula. I would not be the confident and well rested mama I am today without Kayla's help the past few months. We are going to miss her so much! She helped me not only with chores around the house, but gave me confidence and helped me set up a schedule for feeding and sleeping that worked. Love her and all the doulas that Chelsea sent over when I needed help, even just for a day or so.


Being a first time mom, I was filled with so many questions and concerns regarding my pregnancy and was even more nervous about labor and delivery. Between texting and checking in on me during my pregnancy to postpartum, I am very thankful to have had Lauren as my doula! I couldn’t have asked for a better support system to have by my side while I was in the hospital and in labor for 38 hours. I had the best nurses, doctors, and supportive husband, but it was Lauren who didn’t give up on me the entire time! I was induced on a Monday evening and she arrived Tuesday morning and didn’t leave my side. Nothing went according to my birth plan (always keep an open mind, because things will change!) but Lauren made me feel comfortable and empowered no matter what obstacles were thrown my way! I was so determined on not having an epidural. I wanted to be able to move around freely and not be confined to the bed the entire time. Plus, i was terrified of not feeling the lower half of my body and I wanted to avoid it altogether. If it weren’t for Lauren, I would have given into the epidural much earlier than I actually did. It was not because of her that I ended up having one, my body was just having a really hard time progressing on it’s own after a long time. For nearly 24 hours prior to my reluctant decision, she walked the halls with me, got me through every single contraction, helped me with breathing techniques and different birthing positions. She was my biggest cheerleader and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without her for as long as I did! I am an extremely anxious person, but having Lauren with me kept me calm and confident throughout the entire experience. I would absolutely have Lauren and Chelsea by my side should I ever be in need of a doula again!


There is no doubt in my mind that the reason the birth of our son went as well as it did, was because of Chelsea. She has been a support for myself and my husband preconception, during pregnancy, in labor and delivery, and now in my "fourth trimester." Her knowledge that she has to share is delivered in a way that not only supported me, but also brought a sense of security and empowerment. Throughout my high risk pregnancy, she regularly checked in and gave advice that guided and prepared me for delivery. When my water broke 2 weeks early at 1:40 am, Chelsea arrived at the hospital in Boston from New Jersey in about 4 hours, and began coaching me into what would soon be active labor. From the moment she arrived, I felt reassured and calm. I completely trusted everything she instructed me to do because I knew it came from a place of expertise and love. Through the 16 hours of labor Chelsea worked tirelessly to make me feel like the most important and strongest woman/ mama in the world. When we learned that the baby was in the posterior position, she knew just the way to have me move and used my cues as her guide, without adding any stress or expectations on me. What could have ended up as an emergency C-section did not because of her faith in me and her great determination. I knew each step of the way that I was her absolute top priority, as she worked seemelessly with every doctor and nurse that we worked with. Through the 32 hours from the time my water broke, to our baby's debut, she worked with us in a calm, patient and loving way that allowed us to cherish every part of our birth story. I could truly go on forever with tears of joy about our experience with Chelsea. We owe so much to Om Mamas Doulas for helping us to welcome our son into the world!


Getting to work with Kayla has been amazing! She has been a true gift to our family after we had our son a month ago! Kayla has helped answer so many questions from breastfeeding to swaddling ! In addition She has helped care for our newborn son, as well as my almost three year old; when I have needed to work or rest ! Kayla is so knowledgeable and so sweet! We feel so lucky to have her support !


My birthing experience would not have been as positive and gone as smoothly if not for Chelsea and Kayla. During my pregnancy, throughout labor, and postpartum, the support, knowledge, and kindness of Chelsea and Kayla got me through some difficult times. Not only that, but I was able to go into labor with more ease and knowledge which I obtained during my visits before giving birth. Whenever I had a question or concern, I always felt comfortable to reach out and find an answer. Kayla has been wonderful during my “4th trimester” and her postpartum visit was so helpful and put me more at ease. I would 100% recommend these services and if I am ever blessed to be pregnant again, I will most definitely hiring a doula again!


I used Om Mama Doula’s for the birth of my first child in October 2019 and I am very glad we did, and my husband agrees! During the labor, Chelsea was there for the first part and then Kayla was there for the rest. Their guidance during such an emotional and challenging event helped to give us direction, focus, and assurance. Even though my birth ended in a c-section (after about 28 hours of laboring), I would 100% still recommend hiring a doula as they were very helpful during labor to both me and my husband - also because now that he’s born I am able to reach out to Kayla for guidance on managing a newborn, and she is a wealth of knowledge! Helps answer my questions and put my mind at ease. 👍🏻🤗🤰


We are so grateful to have received Kayla’s support and help through our journey with our little guy!! From her visit to me at the hospital and checking in with me regularly even when our little guy wasn’t home yet, fast forward to now, words cannot describe how much she has done or meant to our family. Kayla truly is the baby whisperer & mommy whisperer. We love Kayla and Om Mama’s Doulas! So grateful! Xoxo


My wife and I were referred to Chelsea and Kayla through a friend when looking for a doula. We interviewed a few agencies and immediately felt a close connection with Kayla from the start. When we met Chealsea we knew we made the right decision. My wife and I felt like we knew both of them for years and wanted to make life long relationships before we signed our contract. Throughout our pregnancy we were supported and educated no matter the time of day. I was not nervous about the pregnancy but all of my questions were always answered. When we talked about labor I began getting nervous. We didn’t know what to expect and the doulas talked us through everything. My wife was also comforted throughout the process. This was all before we even entered the hospital to deliver.
I ended up needing to be induced and admitted to the hospital after an ultrasound on a Saturday morning. Our doula made us feel like we were doing the right thing even though they knew it was not part of the plan to be induced. As the induction process started we kept to the birth plan as close as possible. Kayla was able to come when the contractions were getting more intense and was able to coach me through the final hours of delivery. I have used personal trainers, been in power lifting competitions and even trained to run in races and I have never experienced so much love and support while being encouraged and coached through any process. Kayla and Chelsea made the birthing process one to remember and we will be forever grateful for all of there time and love shared. I would recommend everything about Om mama’s Doulas! We cannot thank them enough!


Postpartum support is of upmost importance, and having someone you trust is crucial in the first few weeks (or even months) after bringing baby in to the world. That’s where Nikki came in to play and thrived by my side. Her calming energy and confidence in caring for our new baby, gave me and my husband the space and comfort we needed. There are a lot of emotions (and a lot of hormones!) swirling during this period of time, and the grounding nature about Nikki truly allowed us to feel at peace and at ease. From tidying up the house, to loving up on our baby, she confidently stepped in to give us some a break when we needed it the most. Nikki was here to support me, while I supported our new baby. Forever grateful for Nikki’s love!


Having Chelsea as our doula was the best choice we made for our labor and delivery. There was no way that I thought I would be able to handle a natural delivery, but, Chelsea not only empowered me and supported me through my birth journey, but made me feel that I could truly trust my body, let loose, and find the inner warrior I needed to find in order to have the birth I desired. Being I went from 1-10 in about an hour, there’s way I could have hung in there without her! I highly recommend Chelsea and her team to help support your birth journey!

I took a great newborn care class with Kayla. I’m expecting my second child but never got into a good groove when my first was a newborn so decided to go for a refresher. The class was so helpful and really helped me feel confident. I would definitely recommended the Newborn Care class!


Had an amazing newborn class with Kayla! My husband and I got so much out of it and feel a lot more confident now. She is very easy to talk to and super knowledgeable. We took other newborn classes outside Om Mama Doulas and this was hands down the most informative and got us the most prepared.


On August 27th, 2019 I gave birth to my sweet Capri. I truly feel that I was able to have the experience that I did because of the team that I had! Chelsea was there for me every step of the way. She made the whole experience peaceful with her music and oils diffusing. She reassured me I was doing great, and was the exact support that I needed in the moment. I can’t say enough great things about her and her services. The best decision I made, was to use her as my doula. I felt she was connected to my journey, and she wasn’t just there to support labor It was much more than that! Thank you Chelsea (and Jamie for all your check ins and sweet texts too!). I will forever be grateful for the birth you helped create for me!


I love this woman! Kayla came as god sent when I delivered my baby preterm. Though a second time mom, this experience was quite different as my baby was 1 month early. I was overwhelmed by the entire experience, everyday rounds to Neonatal unit, handling a small little angel and managing my own emotions. Kayla was one person who I could share my emotions with, talk about the challenges with the baby and with my family. Her advice was helpful in calming me down and to look at the positive side. Kayla is highly qualified and is very informative and has wonderful knowledge in her subject. There can’t be a better profession for her, she fits the Doula role very well. She helped me relax through post partum massage which she’s very good at. I highly recommend Kayla as your delivery and post partum Doula. She’s best at what she does!


Jami was an amazing help and support. I can't even begin to explain how awesome my experience was due to her credit.  I would recommend her over and over again.

Having Chelsea for my birth was an amazing experience! She is such a calming, stable presence and helped me through the most intense moments of labor. I had been warned against going to the hospital too soon in labor, so with Chelsea's guidance, I was able to be home for much of the time and only labored in the hospital for 4 and a half hours. I highly recommend Om Mama's Doulas!


As a first time parent, the learning curve is quite steep and things are moving quickly toward childbirth. Naturally you want to have the answers to help your partner feel as comfortable as possible, but unbiased opinions are hard to find, and as a man, it’s impossible to relate to what your woman is feeling. Chelsea was able to bring her wealth of knowledge, calming demeanor, and motherly instincts to ease the discomforts of all of the unknowns before, during and after the birth of our daughter Sage. She was a wonderful guide for both Cara and I every step of the way. 11 months ago I had no clue what a doula was and now I am major advocate. Thank you for everything!


After having an unfortunate and unplanned c-section for my first birth, I knew I wanted my second to be different. I interviewed a few local doulas before I met with Chelsea and knew almost immediately that she was the doula for me. Her vast birth experience and sincere interest in my wellbeing won me over. I knew that with Chelsea's help I could have the unmedicated, natural VBAC I had been dreaming of since my first birth. (And I did!) My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the natural birthing class taught by Chelsea and her partner. We learned a lot and left feeling even more empowered than ever before. Om Mama's Doulas played an integral part in the wonderful and enthralling birth of my second child. I will be forever grateful for the mental (and physical) strength and support I received from Chelsea before, during, and after my delivery. I am looking forward to continuing my friendship with Chelsea for years to come. ❤️


After my first delivery didn't go as smoothly as I hoped, I knew I wanted the support of a Doula for my second baby. From our first conversation on the phone, I knew Chelsea was the perfect Doula for me. Not only is she kind and patient, but she is very knowledgeable and you can trust her guidance. With Chelsea by my side, I was able to power through a fast and furious delivery, naturally, just as I wished. I look back on my experience with Chelsea and Om Mamas and I am forever grateful!


Chelsea encapsulated our placenta for both of my births. She was very professional, accommodating, accessible, and timely. She made the experience very positive and we would certainly recommend her to others.


I had the pleasure of having Chelsea on my birth team for my first baby in March. Chelsea was able to keep me calm and reassured throughout my delivery and was by my side the whole time. Although my birth didn't go exactly as my birth plan was, I was able to accomplish the most important aspect of NO epidural, pain meds and a safe delivery with Chelsea's support and reminding me of breathing and relaxation learned in her Hypnobirthing series. I couldn't have done this without her! THANK YOU Chelsea for being a part of one of my most special days with the arrival of Rylee!!


I don't even know where to begin because our entire experience with Chelsea and Om Mama's Doulas was more than we could have ever asked for. My husband and I met with Chelsea for the first time in January 2018 and we immediately knew that we had made the right decision to hire her as we prepared for the birth of our first child. Our happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy was born on June 16th, however the journey of our labor did not go exactly as planned. I was a lucky mama who had a very smooth and easy pregnancy, but about one week prior to our "due date", I was told I was going to be induced due to higher than "normal" fluid levels. This was our first bump in the road and I was devastated to have to be induced, but Chelsea told me that it was all going to be ok. She took lots of time to explain to me what would happen once I arrived at the hospital and made me feel comfortable knowing that this was MY journey and everything was going to be ok. I spent the next three days leading up to my induction preparing myself for a whole new birth "plan". Little did I know that our "plan b" was about to go out the window too. After about 38 hours of labor, my husband and I were holding our baby safely in our arms and Chelsea was there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Chelsea helped me breathe through every painful contraction, encouraged me to relax as I had learned in her Hypnobirthing classes, kept me comfortable as I eventually ended up with an epidural, and reminded me to "trust the process". Chelsea was an integral part of my birthing team and without her I don't think I would have had the vaginal birth that I was hoping for. We are extremely grateful for the support Chelsea provided before, during, and after the birth of Caleb and would highly recommend her and Sue to all soon-to-be moms! Thank you so much, Chelsea!!


I can't say enough about Chelsea and how wonderful of a doula she is! I knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to attempt to have an unmedicated birth, but I just didn't think I would be able to do it without some additional support. Chelsea was a calming prescence right from the start, and I can honestly say that without her I wouldn't have had the birth experience I had envisioned. She went above and beyond from our first meeting, to always answering my questions via text or call at any time of day as labor approached, and she helped guide me through a long day of back labor at home before we headed into the hospital to welcome my baby girl. I would 100% use Chelsea again in the future and would recommend her to anyone I know who is pregnant. Chelsea helped take the fear out of the birthing experience for me and truly allowed it to be the beautiful experience that it is!


Chelsea is not only an incredible human being but such an amazing support to have by your side. Before I met Chelsea, I was nervous and unsure about my natural vbac plans. She made my husband and I feel so empowered during my pregnancy and because of this I feel that’s why we were so successful with my vbac. She provides all the tools and support you could possibly need. I highly recommend her!!


Chelsea and Sue were amazing! My pregnancy and birth of my son would have been dramatically different without their help and guidance. I had no idea what a doula was or did, but was referred to Om Mamas upon finding out I was pregnant and my world changed. I opted to have my childbirth education with Chelsea and loved the opportunity to ask questions and relax in the comfort of my own living room. The ability to reach out to Chelsea with any questions or concerns, day or night, throughout my pregnancy was not only helpful, but even more comforting. She offered the greatest support I could have ever asked for. If I ever have another child, I will absolutely be using Om Mamas doulas.


Chelsea provides excellent HypnoBirthing classes. She is knowledgeable, and so supportive of the specific needs of each and every Mama. I can't recommend or thank her enough, these classes are exceptional preparation for a fear-free birth. She continues to check up on us, even months after our baby's birth, and genuinely cares about all the Mama's she meets.


I found Chelsea online when doing my research. She was the first one out of the 5 doula services to respond that I found online (none of which I knew personally or had any recommendations). She was amazing! She felt like a good friend the second I spoke to her, making me feel very comfortable. She was knowledgeable, personable and extremely supportive of all decisions. She came to our house to meet and spent about 2 hours getting to know us and educating us on the process ( she also brought overi some sample products, which whas a nice personal touch). She was very professional and had very helpful information. I had some difficult decisions to make before my delivery and I was able to call her after every appointment with my OBGYN. She always responded quickly to any call or text. I would definitely recommend her. - Amy


Chelsea was an excellent instructor for HypnoBirthing®.  I was sure I was going to use an epidural and have been very anxious.  Afterward, I feel confident to attempt a drug free birth plan! I would recommend Chelsea to any expecting mother for this course and as a doula!  I'm looking forward to continuing my birth journey with her.  I give her 5 gold stars and hope to have a second child so I hire her again!  Excellent!!!!!


I am completely grateful to have had Chelsea as my doula. I just gave birth to my precious daughter on August 13th. I had a very specific birth plan that I discussed in length with Chelsea. However, after a 65+ hour labor plans changed. The support that Chelsea showed was beyond anything I could have imagined. I honestly don't know how I could have done it without her. Not only was she an incredible support for me (walking the halls with me, talking to me, explaining my options, helping my little one change positions to help for an easier labor, or just holding my hand) she was also an incredible support for my husband and my mom. She just fit in with my family and stayed by my side through it all. Sometimes it's a little intimidating asking doctors and nurses questions but having Chelsea there I felt like I had a long time friend that I could ask and know that I would get an honest answer. It's also amazing that she has supported me when I was having problems with breastfeeding. She knew how important it is to me and answered my questions and gave me the support that I needed to continue! I would recommend Chelsea with all my heart. She is an angel and I wouldn't have another baby without her by my side! I am blessed to have had Chelsea's loving support.


My birth was everything I needed, wanted, and so much more. Going from a quite a difficult birth less than a year ago to this dream birth was because of you, and I can’t thank you enough. Your techniques, encouragement, and support were invaluable. I hope you know how firmly in our hearts you are. Thank you!

I'm still working on my pills and I've been taking them daily!  I'm amazed how many pills I was able to get from my placenta.  Honestly, the pills have really given me my energy!  I was back at work a week later (even though I probably shouldn't have been) but that's how good I've been feeling


Chelsea’s virtual guidance felt as if she was right there with me through my entire pregnancy up until and after delivery. It was everything I needed to help me through the emotional roller coaster of trying to have a vba2c. It was a very anxious time for me and Chelsea was always just a call, text, or FaceTime away with ease to any questions I had and plenty of love and support. I knew I could always count on her to clear my head, breathe, and relax. I always felt as though I had just talked to a long time friend with all her love and support. After having two you would think I had it covered but I clearly did not. Sometimes I just needed some reassurance and guidance – someone to talk to me through my emotions – sometimes just a simple question or two. Knowledge is power and I received so much information from them via text and phone… printable instruction sheets for labor and delivery with custom instructions directed to my needs and size. The peanut ball was new to me and something that helped me immensely during labor – via pictures and FaceTime she helped me learn how to use it correctly before I went into labor. Chelsea offered lots of suggestions and help to fit my needs. She was always checking up on me – she really is in love with her job and it shows! This was truly an amazing experience for me. I couldn’t have asked for more! I learned and grew so much with her help during this last pregnancy. This together with working virtually with Korrin at Om mamas postpartum kitchen was golden! Nothing like having hot, nutritious, healing meals delivered to you after childbirth! I am forever grateful to them for helping me achieve my dream of a successful vba2c! You girls rock. Love you!


I wish there was an option for 10 stars. Chelsea flew across the country to be there for the birth of my first baby and there is nobody I'd rather have share the most important day of our lives with. I trusted her completely to get me through every moment of my 40+ hour labor. My husband and I literally couldn't have done it without her. My birth was a rollercoaster and her emotional and physical support was what got us to have a beautiful vaginal birth when everyone thought we would have to have a c section. I love Chelsea like she is family and would highly recommend her to anyone considering her services. Having her at my birth was a gift that I will always cherish.


From our first conversation on the phone to our most recent postpartum meeting and the subsequent texts and phone calls, Chelsea has been an amazing support, source of knowledge and comfort for my husband and me – and now our new son! As an older first time mom – I knew I wanted the support of a doula for my labor and birth. What I did not expect was how amazing it was to be able to contact someone at any time and at any point during my pregnancy and postpartum! Chelsea is amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough! From the very first contact, I knew that Chelsea was someone I could trust and count on immediately. Her warmth, calm demeanor, and quiet strength are so welcome and comforting throughout the entire pregnancy and new motherhood journey.


My husband and I could never have imagined finding such an amazing doula like Chelsea. She was there by my side every step of the way before, during and after the birth of our daughter Clare. During the birth of our daughter, she was that voice telling me I can go on when I thought I couldn't. No matter what turn my labour was taking, Chelsea was right by my side to support me physically and emotionally. Chelsea' s passion for being a doula is incredible and she makes you feel like you are her one and only client. When our baby Clare was born we cried together and in my heart I knew she was experiencing every moment of my labour and birth along side me. Our family will never forget what Chelsea did for us and we are beyond grateful for her in helping to bring our daughter Clare peacefully into this world!


What a beautiful experience we had with Chelsea as our birth Doula.  This is our 2nd Vbac and we really appreciated the extra support in labor and delivery. She was attentive , supportive and so caring before , during and after the entire process. This experience was calm, positive , and full of laughs (yes laughs) . Having someone that's so sweet , and caring helped to keep us cool and calm during the unexpected moments during child birth.. Chelsea your amazing ... #doulasrock

As first-timers with a plan to have a natural birth, my husband and I prepared ourselves for labor more than the average couple probably does.That preparation helped immensely, but there were times during labor that Chelsea gave us exactly what we needed when we needed it.  As we reflected on our labor experience, with our beautiful baby girl in our arms, we kept saying how glad we were to have Chelsea there to guide us through those extra challenging moments. Thanks again!


It is hard to express how much Chelsea means to our family since she helped us bring it into existence.  As a first time mom at the age of 36, I was very worried throughout my pregnancy. Since I had also lost my own mother more than 8 years ago, I was feeling extra sensitive and anxious about the pregnancy, the birth, and actually being a parent. I have a wonderful supportive and funny partner, but there is something about having a woman, a mother, to go through this experience with you that makes you feel more capable of doing it. Since the moment we hired Chelsea, I felt more confident and at ease. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease in her care. I was able to call or text her with any questions, concerns, and fears any time of day or night and she was always quick to reply and offer advice and encouragement to put my mind at ease. I didn't start my labor until I was 10 days past my due date. I labored at home for 2 days of which Chelsea and I were in constant contact and she came and did a home visit. She helped me with techniques to get through the pain of my contractions. She helped me with breathing, counter-pressure, massage, and positions that would help to ease my discomfort and open my pelvis. Having her there was such a relief and it allowed me to relax and get some sleep which was crucial to allowing me to labor as long as I did. After the two days of pretty irregular contractions, it was time to go to the hospital. Chelsea met us there and stayed by my side for the next 24 hours while I labored! I think to date we are still her longest labor. My labor was rough to say the least. My epidural was one-sided and I wound up with a lot of referred back pain that was much worse than the contractions. And then there was the intermittent vomiting! Chelsea helped me to advocate for myself and to try to make me as comfortable as possible. She massaged my back for what seemed like hours, breathed with me, helped me move around to open my hips, placed cold compresses on my head, gave me sips of water, did aromatherapy, and encouraged me the entire time. Since I progressed very slowly, she was also a constant companion for my partner, Justin. The two of them were such a great team and they tried to keep me smiling as long as they could. When it finally came time to push, Chelsea was the leader of the effort. She counted down my pushes and was so encouraging. She and my nurses and doctors worked as such a cohesive team that it was hard to believe they had never worked together before. After two hours of pushing, my sweet baby boy, Cole was born. Unbeknownst to me, Chelsea had captured many great moments of the labor and birth for us so I now have a photo history of the making of our family. I was so afraid of so many aspects of birth but having Chelsea there with me to help and walk me through it all, gave me the strength to do it. I am certain that without her guidance and support, I would have wound up having a C-section which I really did not want. Chelsea helped me give birth to my son the way I wanted. She encouraged me at every step and was such a blessing. I would encourage you to hire Chelsea to be by your side. She has helped me become a Mom and I can not express how much she means to me and my family. We love you Chelsea!


I cannot adequately express how grateful I (still!) am for my doula. I found Chelsea purely by accident, too.I was out for a walk long before I started showing and ran into Chelsea’s husband (what a salesman!) and he told me about her. At the time I thanked him but didn’t plan on contacting her--I didn’t need a doula, I could do this on my own. A few weeks later I changed my mind. I don’t know what brought me to the Om Mamas website, but the more I learned about what Chelsea could do for me, the more I realized that I needed her. She was an emotional rock for me for the last 7 months of my pregnancy. I texted her questions about every ache, pain, push, or pull and she not only eased my fears but educated me about what was going on with my body. Eventually, the big day came--she had walked us through every step of the process--and although we had planned on a natural delivery, my health prevented that from happening. I called her 3 times the night I found out I had to deliver my babies and cried over the circumstances. She listened to every detail of our situation, advised us, and came to the hospital quickly to support me and my husband. She held my hand and mourned with me over the loss of my dream to have a vaginal birth and assured me that going forward, everything would be okay. She ran through what would happen, who would be there, and she told my husband what to expect as well. She stayed throughout my c-section surgery, met me after recovery, helped me learn how to nurse my babies, and again, offered me the emotional support I so desperately needed. Even long after I came home she checked up on me and gave me resources for all my needs. I will tell you this...even if you think you don’t need one, understand that raising children takes a village, but pregnancy and birth take a doula. Thank you, Chelsea (and Jay)!

I would definitely recommend Chelsea to anyone who inquires to me about using a doula. She was encouraging, helpful, empathetic, full of energy, and genuinely motivated to help me succeed with the birth experience I wanted for my son.


Chelsea was there for my VBAC and i could have never done it without her! Thank you so much for being there to bring our baby boy into the world.


I admit as a husband I was skeptical at first. After several interviews my wife and I felt the right connection so I agreed to give it a shot. Well looking back at the very dramatic and tough time we had (my wife) I dont know what we would have done with out Chelsea. Her calming spirit and her ability to keep my wife focused and trying new positions and new ways to manage the pain was amazing. I truly believe after this experience that we were given the right people at every moment of this pregnancy and Chelsea was the right choice for us. She is now a life long friend and family member.


My husband and I had interviewed several doulas prior to meeting Chelsea- and it was a complete breath of fresh air when we met her. I knew immediately, at that initial meeting, that she would be the perfect doula for my husband and I, and that we needed her at our birth.I am so grateful I trusted my instincts. From the start Chelsea listened carefully to my husband and me with an open mind and responded to our endless questions with confidence. She drew on her own experiences with birth to bring empathy and understanding to our every interaction with her. From that initial meeting Chelsea was our cheerleader, fueling us with confidence, providing endless support for our birth plan, checking up on us in the days leading up to our birth, and providing reassurance in moments of doubt. In the end, our birth took a complex turn of events; from the very start Chelsea was at the hospital with us to guide us through an induction; she was a beacon of light during a stressful beginning. My labor took a course of events my husband and I could not have anticipated, and Chelsea was there in every moment, guiding us to adapt and allowing us to stick to our birth plan as best we could while navigating some very foreign territory. Chelsea remained calm through every twist and turn; my husband and I say all the time now, we would not have survived my birth without her there. She provided comfort and warmth, expertise and gentle care, love and light. She was there in every moment, giving us every opportunity we had asked for in our birth plan even when events took complicated turns. In the days after my birth Chelsea has continued to be there for us, helping us process the details of my labor and providing my husband and I with endless support and new perspective. Chelsea is a true professional but we now think of her as family. She will be the first call I make when my husband and I plan a second birth. We are so grateful to have had Chelsea as our doula; I cannot imagine having gone through my birth without her there. Chelsea will always be a huge part of our lives and we are so grateful for her


After each of my first three births I have rushed to capture the birth in words so that the details wouldn’t grow fuzzy. My fourth child and second daughter was born at 7AM on the last day of March. Today, two days later, I still have not written the story of her birth. I can’t find words. The words I try to put to the experience fall short each time I try.
I will write the story out eventually. For now, though I want to say this. Sometimes the heart can want something and the soul can need something that you can’t figure out, can’t explain, can’t logically understand. Your mind may dismiss it, and if you try to think about it being a possibility for you, you might think it to be this impossible impractical thing that just isn’t a part of your life. It’s part of someone else’s story. Coming up on Wren’s birth I realized that I was scared. I reached out to a doula friend of mine to figure out if there was a way that I might be able to have a doula there with me. And I did. An amazing woman from Om Mama Jersey Shore Doulas. Chelsea Nicole Alders. Because she was there, I did not have to be alone while my partner parked the car. I did not have to choose which things would come with me. I had my birthing ball, my bag, all the things I felt I might need to bring me comfort and make things feel safe. I had become familiar with her, and her with me over the weeks before the birth. She stepped into the role of sister, of mother, of that missing tribe we so often yearn for in moments like these. She held my hand, rubbed my arms, offered sips of water, and spoke to the nurse about the things she knew were important to me. She made it so no one was guessing, and so that I didn’t have to try and explain things while I was trying to focus through contractions. My OB was wonderful. The labor nurse was wonderful. My partner was wonderful. And my doula was wonderful. I have been floating along in this wonderful bubble of peace. Some experiences stand alone on the timeline where they happened. Some experiences stretch into the future and color parts of our lives going ahead. And some experiences have the strange power to reach back in time and heal old wounds. This was one of those experiences. And… the peace I feel now is indescribable. Giddy. Freeing. Glorious. Beautiful.


My husband and I are so grateful that we found Chelsea.  Her warmth, experience, knowledge, and commitment gave us calm and security during a process neither of us knew anything about.  I was especially worried about having an induction a week and a half after our due date, but at each part of the process, Chelsea reassured us and answered our questions.  I wasn’t sure I was capable of labor without an epidural, but hoped not to have one; without Chelsea’s support and understanding and clear explanations of the physical process, I would not have found the courage to continue.  Our nurses and doctor were amazing, but Chelsea was there just for us–it is exactly what we hoped for, exactly what we needed.


I just birthed my precious baby girl on May 13th. I had my husband by my side and Chelsea. Chelsea was truly amazing and I thank God for her. We hired her in the second trimester and it was the best thing ever. I feel like with any doctor you have to call the office, leave a message, and they will get back to you- so little questions i didn’t want to call for- but Chelsea I could text anytime and it was truly helpful. It helped so much through my weeks of pregnancy. Loved meeting up with her and sharing my concerns, worries, and goals and working through them. My water broke before I was dilating and ended up going to the hospital. Chelsea came there- it was a true comfort. To have someone by your side that is there to just assist you, to keep you calm, and has knowledge about birth, and can be your advocate is beyond words. Nurses come and go and doctors come in and out but Chelsea was there by my side. My husband was thankful for her as well. And she did a great job with helping him help me and both of them worked great together to help me. It was a comfort when my husband would need to step out to speak to a nurse, doctor, or update my family, Chelsea was there by my side. I was never alone. Just thinking back over how she would assist me in anything I needed, when my husband needed to rest she took over, she had essential oils to keep me calm, took pictures and captured beautiful moments, encouraged me, and told me I was strong. She was a truly amazing support person. My birth experience was amazing to me because it helped me learn so much and I had an amazing team supporting me. I Highly recommend Chelsea!  she is truly amazing!