Baby Luciana
August 20, 2019
Baby Capri Loren
August 30, 2019

Shweta – Postpartum Review

I love this woman! Kayla came as god sent when I delivered my baby preterm. Though a second time mom, this experience was quite different as my baby was 1 month early. I was overwhelmed by the entire experience, everyday rounds to Neonatal unit, handling a small little angel and managing my own emotions.
Kayla was one person who I could share my emotions with, talk about the challenges with the baby and with my family. Her advice was helpful in calming me down and to look at the positive side.
Kayla is highly qualified and is very informative and has wonderful knowledge in her subject. There can’t be a better profession for her, she fits the Doula role very well.
She helped me relax through post partum massage which she’s very good at.
I highly recommend Kayla as your delivery and post partum Doula. She’s best at what she does!