May 28, 2021
June 9, 2021


This took way too long for me to post, but that’s my fault and says nothing about my experience with Cassie. Cassie was everything that I needed at the end of my pregnancy. I had been nauseous and vomiting the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy and once the 3rd trimester hit I was achey and exhausted. My interactions with medical staff were brief and often invalidating, not only as a young, unmarried first time mom, but as a queer person. When I made my birth plan and gave a copy to my doctor, he was visibly annoyed that I wanted to go a more natural route (which didn’t really end up happening with my 28+ hour labor, but we all like to hope things go our way). He was very rude and unsupportive, which made my time spent with Cassie all the more meaningful. Cassie helped me come up with a birth plan and went over the techniques I thought might be helpful during my labor. She answered my texts when I just needed to vent my frustrations and concerns and was ready to meet me at the hospital every time I wrongly thought I was going into labor. When it was actually show time, Cassie arrived quickly and supported me for 28 hours as I labored in the hospital. She helped me squats down, stand up, lay down, bounce, get in and out of the tub, help my partner support me, and did her best to make me comfortable and get me through what felt like eternity. I will always be grateful for the warmth and assistance that Cassie provided and I highly recommend her services if you are looking for a doula