July 10, 2020
July 30, 2020

Mary Kate

I cannot say enough good things about Kayla from OmMamas. I took her breastfeeding class online fairly late in my pregnancy (40 weeks to be exact), and my only regret was not taking it sooner. The class is filled with important information and Kayla is very knowledgeable and forthcoming with information on different breastfeeding techniques/ feeding schedules. Not only did she cover basic breastfeeding and pumping skills, but she provided tips on sleep schedules and sent a tremendous amount of links to different supplies/products that she recommends. Aside from the informative nature of her class, Kayla’s helpful, caring, and welcoming personality is enough for me to recommend this class (and anything she does, truthfully) to anyone looking for help. After I gave birth to my son, I struggled with breastfeeding for a little over a month. My son’s latch was shallow and painful, and I suffered from two bouts of mastitis. I was told by a lactation consultant and a pediatrician that he was tongue-tied, and they recommended surgery or switching full time to bottle feeding/formula. I was against the surgery and at the end of my rope, when Kayla stepped in. She was the voice of reason and comfort that I needed when I felt most alone. She took time out of her day (for free) to meet with me and discuss different techniques and options to continue trying to breastfeed, but – above all – she offered reassurance that everything I was feeling and going through was absolutely normal. Within a few days of that meeting, I was breastfeeding my son for every feeding – pain free! – and he was thriving. I am so beyond grateful for Kayla, and the entire team at OmMamas, for such selfless and caring support.