October 25, 2020
Michelle Sekely
November 10, 2020


As a first time mom, my gut told me to hire a doula but as someone with two chronic illnesses & plenty of experience navigating the medical field, my partner and I questioned whether hiring Lauren was necessary. Let me just say, without a doubt, IT WAS. I had done plenty of reading and years of living with endometriosis prepared my partner and I for the physical experience of labor. But none of these factors prepared me for the emotional & spiritual journey that is labor and delivery.


The moment she arrived, Lauren’s energy flooded the room, wrapping me in a warm blanket of comfort, strength and pride. From helping me walk through my contractions, to providing guidance to my partner and I when they started to slow, turning down the lights & turning up the music, holding my hand and encouraging me with words of affirmation, Lauren knew exactly what to do & when. Having Lauren present for this most important day of my life felt like having my best friend, sister, & fairy godmother all wrapped into one person lifting me up and hugging me close. Looking back, as someone whose experienced much medical trauma, and who, just days before giving birth, had a tiff with the midwife who ended up delivering my son, it’s pretty amazing that I never once felt unsafe, never felt worried or anxious, never felt out of control. I attribute this to Lauren’s guidance and support.


Lauren attended another birth the same day & never once did I feel her attention was diverted elsewhere. Lauren was born to be a birth worker- her love, guidance, energy and words of support are a necessity for births of all kinds. I will never forget her smile while holding my leg up as I pushed, her sweet voice saying, “I’m so proud of you, you’re doing amazing,” as tears streamed down her face. She wasn’t just there next to me, she was in it with me. Please, do yourself a favor and hire Lauren as your doula.