October 27, 2021
Baby Theo
October 27, 2021


I cannot fully express how much having Lauren and Chelsea as my doulas meant for my pregnancy and birth. I found them in my 2nd trimester and they immediately opened up lines of communication with me. I was able to reach out with any concerns or questions from the first day working with them. Their knowledge of local resources for pregnant mommas was so helpful.

Lauren was worth her weight in gold for my birth. We knew my labor was approaching so she was ready for my call in the middle of the night. She helped inform the Midwife and hospital of my arrival. Upon arrival to the hospital she was waiting for me. She took me into the ER check in desk and made them understand how urgent it was to get me into a room asap. I know without her advocating for me in that moment I would’ve had my baby in the waiting area or triage room. Once in the room, she made sure all my wishes were heard and addressed. My birth was a whirlwind and only a little over an hour from the first contraction, but she made sure it was everything I needed it to be to heal from my first birth.

If you have any hesitation about using Om Mama, you shouldn’t. They are bringing the sense of village back to mommas in a society that has forgotten how desperately mothers need a village to thrive.