March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021


I reached out to Om Mamas in preparation for a natural birth. Aside from my fabulous team of Obstetricians, I was looking to have a very strong and knowledgeable doula to help guide me through this journey.
Leading up to my birth, Kayla and Taylar were super helpful – checked in with me and answered all of my questions. My husband and I took the natural childbirth class and the newborn class with Kayla and felt both classes helped ease our minds and arm us with tools for what was to come.
Kayla was a blessing and stayed with us throughout my wild ride – 39 hours of induction and labor. Kayla helped me exhaust every option in the book for a vaginal birth. While we ultimately ended up in the OR for a c-section, she helped me find peace in knowing that I was making the best decision for my baby. Without Kayla, my husband and I would have been scared, confused, I probably would be feeling lots of guilt and disappointment for not having a vaginal birth. However with her, we were able to achieve our ultimate goal of meeting our happy and healthy baby boy. I feel nothing but overwhelming joy and love for my son regardless of how he entered this world.
Thank you Kayla for sharing your strength, knowledge and time with us. We are forever grateful for you.