October 24, 2020
October 25, 2020


I don’t think there are words to accurately describe how incredible our experience with Chelsea and her team has been. I found Chelsea a few months into my first pregnancy. From the moment I met her, I immediately felt at ease and more confident about my pregnancy and birth. The birth of my first son was traumatic, and left not only me but also my husband scrambling for understanding and comfort. As our son was entering the world, my husband was left alone and unknowing of what would happen to me and our unborn son in the room next door, and he leaned on the support, knowledge and comfort of Chelsea. She advocated to stay with him through our emergency and remained with our new family even while I was still not awake from being under anesthesia.

Preparing for the birth of our second son was difficult and anxiety inducing for both my husband and I, and we knew we needed Chelsea’s guidance and emotional support to get us through. From the moment I shared my pregnancy with Chelsea, she provided immense support and numerous suggestions to help me achieve my goal of a VBAC. Chelsea helped me labor at home for hours, identifying ways to help make my VBAC goal come true. Without Chelsea, I don’t think I would have had the courage or strength to attempt and eventually achieve a VBAC delivery with my son. Chelsea’s every suggestion or bit of knowledge or recommended movement, even the seemingly crazy ones at first, led us to meet our beautiful son by way of a successful VBAC.

Even as a second time mom, I was feeling unsure, insecure and worried about breastfeeding. In an incredibly vulnerable time, Kayla’s natural and nonjudgmental way of being allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my concerns and open for her to share her knowledge and wisdom. In the insanity of the postpartum period with a newborn and a two year old, Kayla offered the support and guidance which lifted an immense weight off my shoulders.
I will strongly recommend and encourage every pregnant or postpartum woman I know to connect with Chelsea and her team! Doulas are an essential support for mom and her whole team!