March 17, 2021
May 28, 2021


After a traumatic experience with the birth of my first child, I knew I wanted a doula for extra support. Chelsea, Kayla and Lauren were so warm, welcoming and accommodating. They answered any questions I had during my pregnancy and checked in on me regularly. When I had to be induced 3 weeks early, they were ready to go. Kayla and Lauren communicated with me throughout my long induction and Kayla was at the bedside during and after the birth. The second Kayla showed up, she instantly knew what to do get things moving. She was incredibly calm and informative. Within an hour and a half of Kayla arriving, my son was born. When I felt like giving up Kayla was there to support me. It was truly an amazing experience. If you are looking for a doula look no more. Feel free to message me for more details or any questions ! I seriously cannot say enough good things about them!! 💖💖💖