June 27, 2020
Mary Kate
July 23, 2020


I have never heard of postpartum support until I had my baby girl and needed some extra help.  My little baby was losing weight after she was born and as a first time mom I was freaking out!  Chelsea referred me to a wonderful lactation consultant which was extremely helpful, but I was super nervous and anxious for my little girl that I really needed more support.   When Chelsea suggested that a night doula could help me,  I was 100% on board.  I figured, Chelsea is amazing and if she is suggesting this, then sign me up!  This is how we met Mary (Mary Poppins as we call her in my home).  With Mary’s background as a postpartum nurse, at the hospital I gave birth, we were so happy to have her come help us!

I will never forget Mary’s first visit to our house.  When she came in I just knew she was the perfect person to help me!  She was so sweet to my baby and wanted to see everything we were doing, she completely assessed our situation and then was ready to give her advice.  Her professionalism and knowledge has been invaluable for a first time mother.   We had our very own private nurse checking on the health of our baby.  She examined my little girl each time she came to the house, asked me questions about her feeding and sleeping schedules.  Mary spotted a few things that the hospital and doctors missed!  Her attention to my baby was impeccable.  Mary even helped me get on a great schedule that had her sleeping like a pro!  I was able to learn the techniques and skills to be a better mother to my baby.  There is something comforting when your postpartum doula says, “in the hospital we do…” and I was extremely grateful to have all of her advice!   The peace of mind she gave us was priceless.

Even though I was working with a lactation consultant Mary was able to help me with breastfeeding as well.  We were trying to get my supply up and we were very successful!  Mary helped teach me how to keep my baby awake during feedings, and teach my little one how to nurse more efficiently.  She also helped me with my diet, making sure I had enough calories, keeping a food journal to figure out what worked and what didn’t.  This actually was so successful I had a freezer filled with milk, pure liquid gold!

Mary is an extraordinary person and an amazing nurse/night doula.  Having her come at night allowed me to get a good nights sleep and I always felt like a million bucks the next morning.  I was ready to take care of my little newborn with tons of energy! Sometimes you just need to rest and reset.  You need a night where you aren’t staring at the monitor because you think you may have heard the baby move.  I always felt completely comfortable and trusted my baby with her.  Mary really is the baby whisperer. My baby loved Mary and that was so comforting knowing my baby was happy and in such good hands while I took care of myself and got some much needed sleep.

Mary will always have a special place in our hearts as she helped us navigate through becoming parents and taking care of a baby. She was always checking in on me, asking if I needed anything, answered all of my questions and gave the best advice. She was so valuable getting us through the newborn stage and helping us settle in to being first time parents.  I am truly thankful for her and for all she has done for me and my beautiful little girl.   My very own Mary Poppins is, “Practically perfect in every way!”

Cheryl Petocz-Garbarino