March 8, 2022


We contacted Chelsea the day before we brought our twin boys home. With an already 9 month old at home we knew life with 3 under 1 would be hard so we needed the best of the best to help us…Enter Mary. Mary dove right in helping us navigate the new crazy , with schedule suggestions as well as organization tips to make our lives easier. When my supply dropped she helped with a new pumping schedule and recommended lactation supplements. Not only was she easy to talk to but was there during the most difficult time in our lives when my dad passed away suddenly. Every morning when we came downstairs, before heading out, Mary would update us on the boys night (sleep, feedings, etc). Knowing Mary was there to care for our babies while we got to rest was the best peace of mind. I highly recommend Mary and Om Mamas Doulas to any mommy to be (new or seasoned)!!