February 16, 2020
Baby Logan
April 14, 2020


There is no doubt in my mind that the reason the birth of our son went as well as it did, was because of Chelsea. She has been a support for myself and my husband preconception, during pregnancy, in labor and delivery, and now in my “fourth trimester.” Her knowledge that she has to share is delivered in a way that not only supported me, but also brought a sense of security and empowerment. Throughout my high risk pregnancy, she regularly checked in and gave advice that guided and prepared me for delivery. When my water broke 2 weeks early at 1:40 am, Chelsea arrived at the hospital in Boston from New Jersey in about 4 hours, and began coaching me into what would soon be active labor. From the moment she arrived, I felt reassured and calm. I completely trusted everything she instructed me to do because I knew it came from a place of expertise and love. Through the 16 hours of labor Chelsea worked tirelessly to make me feel like the most important and strongest woman/ mama in the world. When we learned that the baby was in the posterior position, she knew just the way to have me move and used my cues as her guide, without adding any stress or expectations on me. What could have ended up as an emergency C-section did not because of her faith in me and her great determination. I knew each step of the way that I was her absolute top priority, as she worked seemelessly with every doctor and nurse that we worked with. Through the 32 hours from the time my water broke, to our baby’s debut, she worked with us in a calm, patient and loving way that allowed us to cherish every part of our birth story. I could truly go on forever with tears of joy about our experience with Chelsea. We owe so much to Om Mamas Doulas for helping us to welcome our son into the world!