Colton and Philomena
June 13, 2017
June 13, 2017


It is hard to express how much Chelsea means to our family since she helped us bring it into existence.  As a first time mom at the age of 36, I was very worried throughout my pregnancy. Since I had also lost my own mother more than 8 years ago, I was feeling extra sensitive and anxious about the pregnancy, the birth, and actually being a parent. I have a wonderful supportive and funny partner, but there is something about having a woman, a mother, to go through this experience with you that makes you feel more capable of doing it. Since the moment we hired Chelsea, I felt more confident and at ease. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease in her care. I was able to call or text her with any questions, concerns, and fears any time of day or night and she was always quick to reply and offer advice and encouragement to put my mind at ease.
I didn’t start my labor until I was 10 days past my due date. I labored at home for 2 days of which Chelsea and I were in constant contact and she came and did a home visit. She helped me with techniques to get through the pain of my contractions. She helped me with breathing, counter-pressure, massage, and positions that would help to ease my discomfort and open my pelvis. Having her there was such a relief and it allowed me to relax and get some sleep which was crucial to allowing me to labor as long as I did. After the two days of pretty irregular contractions, it was time to go to the hospital. Chelsea met us there and stayed by my side for the next 24 hours while I labored! I think to date we are still her longest labor. My labor was rough to say the least. My epidural was one-sided and I wound up with a lot of referred back pain that was much worse than the contractions. And then there was the intermittent vomiting! Chelsea helped me to advocate for myself and to try to make me as comfortable as possible. She massaged my back for what seemed like hours, breathed with me, helped me move around to open my hips, placed cold compresses on my head, gave me sips of water, did aromatherapy, and encouraged me the entire time. Since I progressed very slowly, she was also a constant companion for my partner, Justin. The two of them were such a great team and they tried to keep me smiling as long as they could. When it finally came time to push, Chelsea was the leader of the effort. She counted down my pushes and was so encouraging. She and my nurses and doctors worked as such a cohesive team that it was hard to believe they had never worked together before. After two hours of pushing, my sweet baby boy, Cole was born. Unbeknownst to me, Chelsea had captured many great moments of the labor and birth for us so I now have a photo history of the making of our family.
I was so afraid of so many aspects of birth but having Chelsea there with me to help and walk me through it all, gave me the strength to do it. I am certain that without her guidance and support, I would have wound up having a C-section which I really did not want. Chelsea helped me give birth to my son the way I wanted. She encouraged me at every step and was such a blessing. I would encourage you to hire Chelsea to be by your side. She has helped me become a Mom and I can not express how much she means to me and my family. We love you Chelsea!