June 13, 2017

Briar Rose

I just birthed my precious baby girl on May 13th. I had my husband by my side and Chelsea. Chelsea was truly amazing and I thank God for her. We hired her in the second trimester and it was the best thing ever. I feel like with any doctor you have to call the office, leave a message, and they will get back to you- so little questions i didn’t want to call for- but Chelsea I could text anytime and it was truly helpful. It helped so much through my weeks of pregnancy. Loved meeting up with her and sharing my concerns, worries, and goals and working through them. My water broke before I was dilating and ended up going to the hospital. Chelsea came there- it was a true comfort. To have someone by your side that is there to just assist you, to keep you calm, and has knowledge about birth, and can be your advocate is beyond words. Nurses come and go and doctors come in and out but Chelsea was there by my side. My husband was thankful for her as well. And she did a great job with helping him help me and both of them worked great together to help me. It was a comfort when my husband would need to step out to speak to a nurse, doctor, or update my family, Chelsea was there by my side. I was never alone. Just thinking back over how she would assist me in anything I needed, when my husband needed to rest she took over, she had essential oils to keep me calm, took pictures and captured beautiful moments, encouraged me, and told me I was strong. She was a truly amazing support person. My birth experience was amazing to me because it helped me learn so much and I had an amazing team supporting me. I Highly recommend Chelsea!  she is truly amazing!