January 6, 2020
Baby Petrina
February 16, 2020

Baby Sage

Postpartum support is of upmost importance, and having someone you trust is crucial in the first few weeks (or even months) after bringing baby in to the world. That’s where Nikki came in to play and thrived by my side. Her calming energy and confidence in caring for our new baby, gave me and my husband the space and comfort we needed. There are a lot of emotions (and a lot of hormones!) swirling during this period of time, and the grounding nature about Nikki truly allowed us to feel at peace and at ease. From tidying up the house, to loving up on our baby, she confidently stepped in to give us some a break when we needed it the most. Nikki was here to support me, while I supported our new baby. Forever grateful for Nikki’s love!