February 16, 2020
Baby Freddie
April 25, 2020

Baby Logan

Processed with Focos

Being a first time mom, I was filled with so many questions and concerns regarding my pregnancy and was even more nervous about labor and delivery. Between texting and checking in on me during my pregnancy to postpartum, I am very thankful to have had Lauren as my doula! I couldn’t have asked for a better support system to have by my side while I was in the hospital and in labor for 38 hours. I had the best nurses, doctors, and supportive husband, but it was Lauren who didn’t give up on me the entire time! I was induced on a Monday evening and she arrived Tuesday morning and didn’t leave my side. Nothing went according to my birth plan (always keep an open mind, because things will change!) but Lauren made me feel comfortable and empowered no matter what obstacles were thrown my way! I was so determined on not having an epidural. I wanted to be able to move around freely and not be confined to the bed the entire time. Plus, i was terrified of not feeling the lower half of my body and I wanted to avoid it altogether. If it weren’t for Lauren, I would have given into the epidural much earlier than I actually did. It was not because of her that I ended up having one, my body was just having a really hard time progressing on it’s own after a long time. For nearly 24 hours prior to my reluctant decision, she walked the halls with me, got me through every single contraction, helped me with breathing techniques and different birthing positions. She was my biggest cheerleader and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without her for as long as I did! I am an extremely anxious person, but having Lauren with me kept me calm and confident throughout the entire experience. I would absolutely have Lauren and Chelsea by my side should I ever be in need of a doula again!