June 28, 2021
October 27, 2021

Baby Jack

I wanted to write a review based on my experience with this Agency.   Jack is now 3 months old and we have been using this Agency since he was a newborn.  At only 1 ½ months old, he was sleep trained from 9pm until 6am, which was absolutely AMAZING!  The ENTIRE team is so professional, reliable, sweet, kind & caring.  Being a first time Mother, they taught me everything I needed to know.  Kayla & Mary even came to my house the day after my Baby Shower and spent over an hour helping me organize and sort through gifts.  The most important thing that they taught me going through these gifts is to not over-complicate the process and taking the simple approach in comparison to the new high-tech gadgets that were making me feel over-whelmed and that has made my life so easy with the baby. I am so very grateful for this Agency and even though Jack is 3 months old, we are having a hard time letting go (lol), it has been that much of an amazing experience!  Getting a full nights sleep allows my Husband & I to function when working full times hours the next day.  I would HIGHLY recommend this Agency to anyone looking for the BEST of the BEST in the industry 😊