July 30, 2020
Debbie – Breastfeeding Support Group
August 20, 2020


I cannot say enough good things about Chelsea, Lauren and Kayla. A friend of mine suggested them to me after working with them for her own birth, and it was the best recommendation I’ve ever gotten. The level of support these women provide is something that no pregnant, birthing or new mother should ever go without. From my (sometimes overdramatic) concerns and questions to my legitimate fears and doubts, they were there to guide me and assure me everything was ok. Never making me feel silly for not knowing things, despite this being my second baby.

I had my daughter in April, right in the peak of this pandemic, and Lauren still did not hesitate to accompany me during my c section. It was such a scary time to have a baby, and she was right there to comfort me, literally wipe my tears and hold my hand during all my happy, scary and vulnerable moments. There is something beyond comforting about knowing you have a true advocate in your corner, making sure you have the experience you deserve. I cannot imagine having gone through that without her there by my side.
After having a hard time breastfeeding my first, the team knew this was a huge goal for me this time around and that’s where Kayla came in. Even though we had to work virtually because of the pandemic, she offered me an amazing level of support via FaceTime, and as a result I have been successfully exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for almost 4 months and her pediatrician is thrilled with her growth. I had so many questions, concerns, and plenty of tears through the beginning of my breastfeeding journey and Kayla was always there to encourage me and guide me. She also helped me get my daughter on a schedule as early as 6 weeks old which was life changing for us.
If you are on the fence about whether or not having this doula team is necessary – trust me when I say IT IS. Regardless of if you’ve already had babies or if you already have a super supportive partner  – what these ladies will be able to provide is invaluable. It’s well worth it, and you will not regret it!