January 18, 2021
March 17, 2021


Newborn Baby
Where do I even start? Don’t look any further, do yourself a favor and “hire” Chelsea, Lauren and Kayla now. I say “hire” because nothing about working with these amazing women felt like a business relationship. From my first call with Chelsea, to prenatal classes with Kayla, and my labor and delivery with Lauren at my side I felt like I was with friends who I’d know for years and not just 4 months.
Having my first child during a pandemic left me feeling anxious and unsupported. The basics are covered at your doctors appointment, but I felt like I was stressed all the time and didn’t have the full support i wanted.
I found all of that and more with om mamas doulas.
Chelsea and Lauren helped by sharing resources, exercises and advice during my pregnancy to help prepare me for birth. We had a group text where they would check in on me and where I could easily reach out to them with any questions or concerns. They helped me with questions to ask my doctor and things to be prepared for during labor.
I took all three of Kayla’s prenatal classes (childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding) and can’t recommend them enough! It was some of the most real advice I’ve received (and now having given birth and taken care of a two month old I can confirm was all true and helpful!) and you’ll want to be Kayla’s BFF five minutes into class.
And finally, I can’t imagine my labor and delivery without Lauren by my side. She and Chelsea responded to my 12am, 1am 2am and more texts when I was convinced I would be giving birth any minute (spoiler I was hours away ha) and I never felt like I was bothering them.
Lauren came to my house at 6am and helped me to get to 7cm at home before we left for the hospital. Without her I probably would have ended up going into the hospital so much earlier than I needed to be. She helped me with breathing and managing my contractions all the way through pushing out my son at 6:15pm. She helped with positioning, speaking up for me with doctors and nurses, helping my husband help me, and made me feel so supported during my entire labor and delivery. She and Chelsea also continued to check up on me in the weeks following the birth of my son.
Lastly, my husband didn’t love the idea of having a doula. But after having Lauren by our side he is a believer (for any other husbands or partners out there who may feel this way. You won’t regret it!)
I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect after hiring someone I just met to be with me for the birth of my first child, but I can confidently say it was the beat decision I made for myself during my pregnancy and hope to partner with these amazing ladies for any future children I may have!