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April 29, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Sometimes…The Life of a Doula is a Bit More Chaos Then We Ask For

Sometimes...The Life of a Doula is a Bit More Chaos Then We Ask For

This month was insane.
There’s really no other way to explain it.  Two and a half weeks ago one of my oldest friends headed to the hospital to be induced.  It was a long overnight induction with Cervadil but around 3am contractions started as short and spastic and intense.  In the morning I got the call to come because things were intensifying and we labored hard together at Jersey Shore Hospital.  We spent most of the day positioning to pivot this baby out of her back. The strange contractions told us that baby’s position wasn’t quite perfect yet.

It was a long birth but she got to 6/7 centimeters before she requested her epidural, everyone took a long hard nap and she woke up hours later with baby at +3 and ready to push.  She pushed for 15 minutes and baby was earthside!!!  It was a dream delivery and really covered the span of the emotions.  This friend and client, Jess had been a close friend in the days of concerts and bottles of wine a night and her husband was in our wedding and now I got to be at their birth…there’s something pretty magical and intense about laboring with friends. 

So, one day after, or one good night of sleep in between… while we were finishing up a podcast recording and my husband had run to bring Summer her lunch at school…we got a phone call that my father in law had a heart attack. 

My husband raced over to the hospital as we cancelled the day and waited to hear what on earth was going on.  It was terrifying, he had been at work and felt the tightness in his chest and struggled breathing.  It was a 100% block and they had to transfer him from Kimball to Jersey Shore for immediate surgery. 

The weirdest thing was heading over to the hospital and our dear friends with their new baby were one floor above us as we sat in the ICU waiting to hear what was going on.  Life can be funny like this sometimes…

So, Paul (Jay’s dad) made it through and after a 3 day hospital stay is recovering at home well.  However, the fun didn’t end there…on night 2 of Paul recovering and my poor husband getting caught up on sleep…my phone rang at 1:45 in the morning.  Two of our closest friends in Boston were in labor (photo below).  Her water broke 2 weeks early and it was time for me to go. 

Halo Bassinet

I got ready in the dark, packed a bag and got the house ready for me to be gone for who knows how long.  All three kids were asleep in our bed so I laid and kissed them all for another 30 minutes and then hit the road.  A peaceful and exciting 4 hour drive from NJ to Boston was the transition I needed to get myself into the right head space.  I walked in to Tufts Medical Center in Boston (Day before the Boston Marathon), to Heather and Brian walking laps around the hospital. 

We worked to get labor going, napping on and off and moving around for hours..they started Pitocin and the party really started.  (more details below).  After 36 hours and a 3 hour nap I started the drive home.   I got a good night of sleep that night and had about 3 days to recover before we started full demo on our master bathroom and began painting our kitchen…my parents came to town to help and we managed to fill an entire dumpster and plow through most of the kitchen in 2 days….BUT, the fun didn’t end there…at 5AM on day 2 of the demo, my phone rings and another clients water broke (a month early).  She had a picture perfect labor and progressed to 10cm quickly that evening.  Baby arrived at 12:51AM. 

Guys…this is not the norm for our life, I mean it’s usually crazy…but this was EXTRA crazy.  I decided it was time to lay it all out for my own therapy but also just to digest why I feel so tired today.  We ran away to my parents house in the Poconos for the night and it is as if my entire body is falling through the surface fo the earth.  I needed a minute.  I’m so excited to hop back into life on Monday, but it sure has been nice to take a breath. 

Birth is crazy, unpredictable, such a wild ride in every aspect….but I would NEVER choose another “job”.  I feel so lucky and to be honest, the chaos is all a part of the adventure for me.  We discuss living your passion and creativity on the podcast a lot…because, I lose site sometimes of HOW DAMN LUCKY I am to live this life.  I get to guide, assist and feel the most passionate love towards people on the biggest day of their lives.  Is there anything better?  Not for me

Car Seat Carrier

In other news…
I have had a new whisper in my ear recently to focus more on the whole body, pregnancy and postpartum…while labor and birth is what I am most skilled and practiced in…I understand positioning, movement, body mechanics and the science very well.  There is a giant missing link right now in whole body, whole mind and healing through the pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

We are growing our postpartum group and finding that women have so many more concerns and questions than I ever thought and no one is around to answer them.   I hope this project continues to grow and we can help many women along the way.