3rd Baby – Twin Mom
February 3, 2019
Successful VBAC
February 3, 2019

Second Time Client – Baby 2

After her first being a very, very, very long process with water breaking prematurely...this mama was fighting to be home. I got the call in the middle of the night that her water broke as the first sign of labor again and we were all a bit nervous, but her labor kicked in and she was having long and strong contractions by 8AM. I raced to the hospital to meet them in triage and the (difficult) nurse that checked us in just couldn't get a good read on how dilated she was so they were all in a tizzy. This mama was FIERCE and when we got into the room the midwife gently checked her and said...you are 6cm, with a cervix that I expect to dilate and open to 10 in the next 30-60 minutes. She was spot on, it took about 60 minutes...which honestly, the hardest part was the IV...which inevitably fell out anyway lol. Baby arrived at 11AM and you have never seen a prouder mama to do it med free and naturally. She was strong and so sure of her goals. To be a part of a family and seeing them grow from 2-3 and then 3-4, is such an incredibly cool experience. Here's to many more =) This couple uses prayer and positivity to get them through and it's a really cool role to know what works from the previous experience and get right to it!
1What Hospital?
Voorhees Virtua Hospital
Advocare Women's Group - Great group of midwives there!
3Things that worked?
Pressure points, positive reinforcement, non stop conversation, eye contact, ice chips and hand squeezing
Dock a Tot

Dock a Tot

I had to include this here because with both pregnancies Danielle swore by this thing, I had never heard of it until her 3 years ago and now I have so many clients that love it as a safe way to co sleep.

Mama Natural

Client Fave and Doula fave too!