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Scheduled Cesarean Doula

After years of falling short on what would be the perfect fit for our cesarean clients, we have finally found a plan that works and offers the comfort of a doula alongside the necessity of surgery.

Just because you need surgery, there is absolutely no reason you should lose the perks of having a doula by your side before and after.

What This Includes

  • Prenatal Before Your Scheduled Surgery Date to Walk Through Expectations From An Emotional and Physical Standpoint
  • We are Available 24/7 for Calls and Texts
  • Doula Will Join You For An Hour Before Delivery
  • We Attend for 4 Hours After You Leave Recovery
  • We will be there to get baby latched, help with pumping if needed, hand expression or helping dad feed baby
  • Understanding What this time looks like - Dad or Partner's time with baby
  • Offering a consistent Care option/balancing the nurse change overs happening throughout the day
  • If baby needs to go to the NICU, We offer care for mom so dad can be with baby
  • Continuous availability via phone for lactation issues and guidance, and a discount for the first four hours of at home postpartum care