Gentle Cesarean after a short labor
February 3, 2019
Healing Second Birth
March 11, 2019

Pushed Her Baby Out On The Operating Table

Let me tell you one crazy story...this mama had a home birth with her first and I'll never forget her phone call before she moved to NJ, just saying...I feel like doing it differently, why not experience it all..I want to find midwives and deliver in a hospital. She went to the Center For Women's Health - (Also known as the Avon Midwives) and because of a few things going on, they all made the collective decision to induce a few days after her due date. Shocking to all of us, her labor went quickly but baby was not descending low enough and the heart rate was dropping. After a long hard try at pushing, they started prepping her for surgery and this badass pushed her baby out on the operating table! Such an inspiring birth, to see a woman take things in to her own hands and make it happen! Such a cool experience =)
1What Hospital?
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
2What Pracitioner?
The Center For Women's Health - Avon Midwives (Louise Delivered)
3Key Positions or Movements?
Sitting on the ball and leaning over the bed seemed to help. Squeezing doula's hand and her husbands hand during pushing, and rotating left, right and on to all 4s while she moved baby down.