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  • Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing, New Jersey Doula
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  • Natural Birth Class


    A Natural Childbirth Class dedicated to learning movements, positioning, coping and natural birth techniques to move easily and successfully through your labor.

    We focus on positioning for the phases of labor, coming back into yourself and working with baby as well as how to communicate with your partner, doula and provider successfully.

    This class is meant for mom’s with a primary goal of natural and unmedicated childbirth in a hospital setting, we will not be discussing medical pain relief.

    Curriculum Includes: 

    At home labor – partner positions, acupressure and recommendations for early labor

    Arrival at Hospital – Protocols for local hospitals, Birth Plans, When things don’t go as planned, Non Medical Pain Relief Options

    Breathing down, Laboring Down and Pushing

    Breastfeeding and the Fourth Trimester

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