Postpartum Support

From groups to one on one support we have set out on a mission to make sure women are finding the support they need in the easiest way possible. We are working to create a seamless level of emotional, physical and empathetic support by bringing women who have been through this crazy fourth trimester and come out on the other side with women just sorting out how to get through each day. We know when you are in the thick of it, getting out of the house, decision making and noticing your lack of support can be difficult...we are trying to fix that and offer new, easy solutions.
For more information on our new Postpartum Charity - Roots and Wings Postpartum Foundation, please head to our Currently, we offer in home postpartum doulas and overnight nurses, charity care for daytime doula support (2 hours) and postpartum groups once a week.

Interested in offering your support to other moms? Fill out the application below!

Now Offering Unlimited Virtual Postpartum Support

Unlimited Virtual Postpartum Support
We have been working so hard to find ways to bring our Postpartum Doula Kayla and her postpartum super powers to you all virtually. It's been such a hard thing to translate to a digital life. 
However, after working with a few clients virtually, we have worked out an unlimited plan for her support and we feel like it's the perfect fit for everyone. 

What this looks like: 

Unlimited support via Text, Phone and Video (as scheduled between you and Kayla)

It's a monthly plan so 30 day support begins the day you deliver (even though access to Kayla will begin the day you sign up). 

This support is for breastfeeding, newborn care, emotional support, sleep and feed scheduling, all other doula support which includes - swaddling, pumping and bottle feeding, when to pump, and so many other things I am not thinking of right now =)

Our goal is to continue our normal service of support from afar, while this is a much cheaper option, it will cover much of the same information and intuition Kayla uses when she is there in person. 

30 Day plan - $250

You let us know if you want to renew support at the end of each month

To sign up now - email Chelsea -

Looking for more information on our Postpartum Doulas and NIght Nurses? Click Below!

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Postpartum Doula
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Postpartum Doula Care

What is a Mom Mentor?

1What is a mom mentor?
Mom Mentor's are volunteers that are offering up a certain amount of time to stop by and visit our new mom's in need.
2How much time do I need to commit?
As much or as little as you are able to! We have mom's volunteering as little as 1 hour total to as much as 3 hours a week.
3What do I do?
Our mentors are trained to work one on one with a mom that is a good match for them. They use the skills they have to help mom's through their postpartum journey. While our team is here for guidance, our goal is to match you well, so your personal experience will help you with your support.
4How do I start?
Filling out our online application is the best place to start! This process will start the process and get you in to our system so we can find the best match for your personality, skills and experience.
5Will I be paid?
While this is a volunteer position, we do hope to have charitable funding in place soon to cover gas, food and expenses.

What is a postpartum support group?

1What is a postpartum Support Group
We are just a group of women helping women through this wild Fourth trimester. While our group is led and run by Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas and Social workers, or main focus is talking...allowing moms to support and help each other.
2When is this group?
Every Wednesday, 10AM-11AM
3What can I expect?
Guest speakers that are professionals in the postpartum space for moms...everything from, Pelvic floor experts, social workers, chiropractors, midwives, newborn experts, etc.
4Do I bring my baby?
We love having all the babies here, but also respect your need for female support without your baby...this is 100% up to you!
5How do I start?
Click the image above to register

What is free postpartum support?

1How are you offering free support?
Our agency has added a free 2 hour support program for our mom mentors. We match you with a mom in our program who has been through similar situations or who is a good fit and they come for a 2 hour support session to check in and see how you are doing. We can do this because we use charitable donations to pay/feed/give gas to our volunteers.
2What can I expect during my 2 free hours?
We are coming in to help with anything and everything. We want to assist with breastfeeding, sleep questions, mental health, laundry, cleaning, baby holding or just about whatever it is that you need. Many times, we arrive and we just help with whatever is needed but also just listen and assist in anything currently happening in your world as a new mom.
3What if we want more?
Our program can either submit your application to be approved for more charity care, or now that you know what we offer, you can pay for additional services.
4How do I start?
Filling out our online application is the best place to start! We take a look at your application and figure out who is the best fit for you and we will get your first 2 hours scheduled as quickly as possible.
5Who is a good fit for this support?
ANYONE struggling! Our goal is to help women that may be showing signs of Postpartum depression, exhaustion, or even women just feeling very overwhelmed, sad or confused about these early days with baby but just not sure where to go.
6Is this only for people who can't afford support?
Not at all, this program is for anyone that is a good fit emotionally.
7Who can submit the application?
Birth Workers (doulas, lactation consultants, midwives, ob's), husbands, partners, parents, friends or you can fill it out yourself

What is postpartum support?

1Daytime Support
Laundry will be done, meals will be prepped or baby will be fed and held so you can rest. Sometimes, we are there to chat and support these early days of motherhood… somedays, we are there to get your life running around you while you nap and snuggle. We are your chameleons and are ready for anything.
2What can I expect for Overnight Hours?
Our doulas arrive around 7-9PM and stay for 10 hours, before going to sleep we can catch up on dishes, laundry or any chores you need help with. Overnight you have the option of a doula that will change baby and bring them for you to nurse and then we get baby back to sleep in their room, helping with scheduling and a good system. OR you pump or provide formula for us to feed baby while you sleep the whole night. Our goal is to do what you need when you need it.
3What is the minimum we can book?
Daytime is 2 hours Evenings are 10 Hours
4How do I start?
Filling out our online inquiry form is the best place to start
5Do your doulas help with breastfeeding?
Our Doulas and Overnight nurses all have varying degrees of breastfeeding support training. Everything from LBC's to CLC's to DONA trained Breastfeeding Support, if we see an issue that is outside of our training we are also partnered with Lucky Lactation and will refer out when needed.
6How are you different?
Our Owners are Doulas, Childbirth Educators and LSW's that are looking to support women in a more comprehensive way than is currently being offered. Once you sign on for our services, we are available 24/7 via phone/text even when one of our team isn't currently with you. We want to make sure you are set up for a healthy and full-filling fourth trimester
7When do I hire you?
We get calls when people are first pregnant all the way until they are weeks postpartum. We are happy to try to make scheduling work either way, but it's always better to book sooner. Especially since, our services and resources can be used starting while you are pregnant! You may as well use us to our full potential =)