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April 16, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Postpartum Doulas/Overnight Nurses

We are so excited to announce our Postpartum Services, we are officially rolling out our Daytime and Overnight Doulas. 

What to expect from our doulas and night nurses?

  • A Comprehensive Team of Women involved in your care – While we only send one doula to help in person we have the backup of Chelsea (Birth Doula and Postpartum Specialist) and Kiah (LSW) following up and monitoring all new moms.  We think it’s important to feel like you are being supported in every way.  That may just mean a good meal and a shower…or that may mean someone checking in on your mental health, sleep and signs of PPD either way, there is a reason we chose to run the Postpartum branch of our company with the gentle balance of a Doula and a Social Worker
  • Texting and Phone Call availability 24/7 – once you sign our contract, we are available to help with resources and guidance in all things new moms. 
  • DAYTIME SUPPORT: Laundry will be done, meals will be prepped or baby will be fed and held so you can rest.  Sometimes, we are there to chat and support these early days of motherhood… somedays, we are there to get your life running around you while you nap and snuggle.  We are your chameleons and are ready for anything. 
  • NIGHTIME SUPPORT: Our doulas arrive around 7-9PM and stay for 10 hours, before going to sleep we can catch up on dishes, laundry or any chores you need help with.  Overnight you have the option of a doula that will change baby and bring them for you to nurse and then we get baby back to sleep in their room, helping with scheduling and a good system.  OR you pump or provide formula for us to feed baby while you sleep the whole night.  Our goal is to do what you need when you need it. 
  • WE ARE YOUR TRIBE – We will be checking in on our off hours, making sure you are doing ok and helping you get into a good flow.  You will not be alone, our goal is for you to feel fully supported beginning to end. 
  • Breastfeeding –  With our Doulas trained in breastfeeding support from DONA as well as CBC Lactation consultants on our team We can help and guide you towards a successful breastfeeding schedule but also flag more serious problems and help with resources if needed. 

We have the following options available immediately: 

2 Hour Daytime Doula Services – $75
4 Hour Daytime Doula Services – $120

10 Hour Overnight Doula or Night Nurses – $450 per night

Before I let Kiah introduce herself…I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about what has been brewing the last few months.  I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of women that are ridiculously supportive of each other.  We are a happy little tribe of Doulas, Social Workers, Artists and musicians and I feel really lucky to have them.   We all have the same thought daily though….where the heck were you guys when we were all having our first babies?!?  We all had the same experience and felt pretty alone during our first babies/postpartum experience and when I started brewing the idea of having a charitable side to my business, it felt right to incorporate this idea of finding your tribe and healthy support through women in the same chapter as you or women that have been through similar experiences. 

Kiah was a natural partner to this project for me…she is kind and loving, supportive to her friends, but honest and hilarious, fellow vegan and the most stylish chick I know…she’s usually my motivation to swap out leggings for actual fashion on days we have meetings together.  More importantly, she is one of the best listeners I know.  While she is already a Licensed Social Worker her next training is scheduled through PMAD to be specifically focused on Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. 

In the hunt for finding ourselves, we found each other and we hope this love and passion for helping women find the same shines through during every step of this new chapter.   

From Kiah: 
Mom of three. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from James Madison University, I went on to receive my Masters Degree in Social Work from Monmouth University, and became a Licensed Social Worker in 2010. Prior to becoming a mother, I was drawn to working with those struggling with mental health issues, and also, those struggling with addiction issues. During my graduate studies, I interned at CPC Behavioral Healthcare, an outpatient mental health and addiction program, and at Rumson-Fair Haven High School, under the School Social Worker. After becoming an LSW in 2010, I went on to become the Primary Adolescent Counselor at the Phillip House (A New Hope Facility), an outpatient program in Long Branch. I worked until I gave birth to my first child, and then decided it was time to focus on being at home, and raising my own family. 

Throughout the years I have been home with my children, I have continued to build upon my license and education with continuing education courses and narrow in on my passion in this field. As I personally developed and grew into a mother myself, I began to truly see the need for postpartum support amongst each mother’s journey. I witnessed mothers (myself, being one of them), immensely preparing for their pregnancy and labor/birth journeys however falling short of self-care once the baby arrived. It wasn’t until I had my third baby, where I finally felt I had the awareness to what support I needed, the courage to ask for it, and the right tribe surrounding me to lift me, and my baby up when times called for it.  I wonder to myself time to time, what kind of mother would I have been, if I had this incredible source of support with my first, or second child? I was fortunate enough to meet this “mama tribe” at the school where my older children attend, and where I met Chelsea, my former doula, and current partner in crime. With our individual experiences as both career women, and as mothers, we built this beautiful foundation to provide other mothers, like us, with postpartum care that we all deserve to have. We want to provide new mothers the opportunity to surround themselves with support and resources, to feel empowered to conquer whatever obstacles motherhood may throw at them, and to feel encouraged that the job they are doing is right and enough for their baby.

What does the future look like?  

For us, we see this as a full service agency now…we are providing everything from Childbirth Classes to postpartum support up to a year postpartum and everything in between. 

We already started our Postpartum Group and the next step is Postpartum Doulas and Overnight Support.  We are currently registering our 501C3 but will release all of the information on the charitable postpartum services, how to give and how to help as we keep rolling things out!  For now, you can sign up as a volunteer here: 
Postpartum Mom Volunteers

You can recommend charitable support to women and read more about the current program here: Charitable Support

And of course our new Postpartum Doulas and Overnight Nurses – inquire here: 
Postpartum Doulas

Thank you for all of your support! – Chelsea and Kiah