March 15, 2019
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March 23, 2019

Perineal Spray…Is the Hype Real?


From the brand: For postpartum relief and to help soothe perineal discomfort before and after childbirth. Helps a mama take care ‘down there’ so she can rest, heal and bond with her baby. (But you don’t have to be pregnant to use it!)

What we love? The REVIEWS! Women love this stuff, our clients say it helps them heal quickly and is cooling and soothing but not too intense to spray immediately after delivery. It can help bring down swelling and can be used with stitches or abrasions.

Best place to buy? Amazon is usually cheapest with free shipping and you can sign up for Subscribe and Save to get 20% off or add it to your registry!

Reviews we Found:
I preferred to use this over the numbing spray and witch hazel pads I got from the hospital. The pads would bunch up, and the numbing spray just didn’t feel right. I love the scent of this spray, kind of like cucumber, definitely helped with the odor of the healing process. It cooled the area and made it feel comfortable. Definitely a lot more product than needed. I think I stopped using this after my 6 week check up and was told I was healing quicker than expected! – Kymee

This spray is amazing! Originally used on me immediately after birthing a 9lb baby naturally, I was petrified that it was going to sting, but not even one bit! Completely soothing in every way and it smells amazing with cucumbers and other soothing natural ingredients. This was a lifesaver for the weeks after and I would definitely love to receive this as a new mom or as a baby shower gift. – Heather Lynn