Om Mamas Doulas

We are a collective of Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Placenta Specialists working together to bring the best experience, knowledge and information to all of our clients.

Chelsea Alders

Birth Doula, Placenta Specialist and Childbirth Educator


Mom of 3, co-owner of Om Mamas Blog, Owner of Om Mamas Doulas, Labor Doula, Placenta Specialist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner.

My journey towards owning this agency started with my first pregnancy. For 10 years before having children I ran and owned a corporate entertainment agency.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, birth felt magical to me. It was a sacred space I was never aware of prior to my first pregnancy. This magical bubble filled with love, nurturing, and new beginnings was a space that I wanted to hold on to forever. I started to learn the definition of balance, I was carefully nurturing my new baby on the inside while trying to learn balance for my stress and energy on the outside. I realized I was figuring this all out and carefully molding my passion of work with my new understanding of taking care of someone other than myself.

As I moved through my first pregnancy, I really wanted to know that I was doing it all “right.” I was quickly led to an onslaught of information between books, google, classes, it was all so much. I found a great HypnoBirthing class and hired a doula and that’s when everything changed.

Google turned into a trusted team of professionals in my area, an incredibly knowledgeable Doula (Sue who I now work with) whom I could ask anything and even if she didn’t know, she led me in the right direction. Between her and an amazing team of childbirth educators, I was in such great hands and eventually had the birth I envisioned. This team of people led me through a dream birth with my daughter and 17 months later through my second birth with my twins as well and I realized the value in having caring women surrounding me.

Sometimes, it wasn’t even the wealth of knowledge, but the kind voice and experience in emotional support that truly supported me. I started Om Mama’s as a place for knowledge and support for moms and families. Once this business started taking off, I realized that the world I had been doing for years with Sun Dreams Productions had given me the experience I needed for my new career as a Birth and Postpartum Doula agency owner. Since then, I have been steadily growing this business and working to make pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester a better experience for families.

I did my Doula training, completed my exams and requirements and then quickly was guided towards HypnoBirthing®, Postpartum and placenta encapsulation. I have a passion for plant based nutrition (my family has been vegan for 10+ years), gentle birth through HypnoBirthing® and aromatherapy and use all of these passions to become a better doula. Once we had a solid birth doula team, we realized there was a lot missing in the process after the baby is born. We started our weekly Fourth Trimester Group, launched our postpartum team as well as our Roots and Wings Charitable Foundation to offer free postpartum support.

Take a minute to read about our team, our testimonials from clients and learn about our mission. We believe Birth can be an empowering experience, we want everyone that hires us to feel the benefits of our entire team...from Holistic Nutrition to Yoga teachers to postpartum Nurses, Doulas, LSW's and Women's Health Specialists. We are here to help!

I am excited for the opportunity to offer that same support to others and to be a part of your journey!

Kayla Shuler

Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula

When I was 10 years old I received the most cherished and life changing gift of my life, my beautiful sister, Faith. This experience was mesmerizing and unforgettable. I realized that day that I belonged beside families during the life-changing experience of having a child. I knew that my purpose was to help mothers bring tiny miracles into this world. Birth is magical, a beautiful wind of emotions and experiences. There is something about witnessing a tear of fascination streaming down a father's face and the joy that overwhelmingly radiates from a mother as she realizes her greatly anticipated miracle is here. Yet, the moment the sibling sees their new  brother or sister is probably my favorite part. As they meet their new sibling, a smile filled with a sense of amazement and slight confusion always fills their face. My 10 year old heart touching experience has led me to reach as far and wide as I can to spread my passionate heart with families. My path began at an early age by becoming a certified volunteer at labor and delivery hospitals while in school.

Fast forward three years later. I met the love of my life, became a military wife, a Labrador lover, made a home in two different states and now found myself settling in northern Italy finishing my women's studies degree. After hearing about the constant struggle of birth & postpartum support, I began volunteering at clincs on military installations and Italian hospitals. This led me to explore many different countries way of life within this field. I continued my schooling while receiving training to become a DONA doula. I spent the next three years practicing as a doula. My eyes were opened to many experiences. I was able to experience many cultural backgrounds during birth and postpartum. I have faced obvious obstacles such as language barriers and foreign medicines. However, the biggest eye opener for me was the bond and connection I grew for military families. Living across the world from your entire family and giving birth to a child, allows minimal all around support. This brought me to realize I needed to support each mother uniquely, based on what they desired. My experiences taught me how to become a sister, a mother, a friend and so much more to these women.

Finally, after four years of living an unforgettable cultural experience with incredible families, my husband and I set off on our next adventure in New Jersey. So here I am, ready to offer guidance to mom, baby and family. I am here to provide support for breastfeeding, nurturing and knowledge based skills to allow a smooth transition into the home. I will dedicate myself to support the birth you desire, help you deal with the unexpected, advocate for your partner and family and offer physical and emotional support in any way you need it. Throughout your journey, I dedicate myself to you
Throughout your journey, I dedicate myself to you

Lauren Plunkett

Birth Doula

Ever since having my son five years ago, I became passionate about the birthing process. So often, women feel overwhelmed during their pregnancy and birth, and I would love to be able to take some of that anxiety away for mothers. As a doula, my focus is on supporting the mother in whatever capacity that may be. This is a period to cherish and grow from, not a time to feel scared and misled. It is important to feel supported, loved and respected.

I am a DONA-trained doula and am continuing to take additional training courses to allow me to provide my clients with the very best care I can. As a mother to two wildly energetic kids, they certainly keep things interesting, but are my greatest gift. When I am not helping families during labor, you can find me baking in the kitchen and enjoying my family. We are really big on road trips, too! With family in Vermont and Maine, we tend to travel and see them a lot throughout the year.

Taylar Klecan

Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula

Becoming a young mother and working with infants for 7+ years has led me on this life-changing journey in becoming a holistic doula. Before this I had been yearning for a passion and traveling wherever the wind blew. I was living with a family in Italy, at 21, when I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic. I immediately found a passion in pregnancy and everything it entailed. Fast forward one year, I was brought to this work by a close friend who let me into her pregnancy journey. She somewhat seriously suggested I become her doula.

That month, I boarded another plane, but this was for a trip that would be transformational. I received my doula certification through A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute. Dr. Akua and her program single-handedly changed my life. I’m now Reiki II certified, onto achieve my Master Level and a holistic prenatal and postpartum doula. I’m home.

My birth experience was smooth and beautiful and I want other mama’s to feel that same way. I want to help ease stress and anxiety by sharing my Reiki practice, helping with meal prep for the postpartum period, supporting during breastfeeding and providing all around nourishment. This is how supported I believe mama’s should always feel. I’m here to care for you in this next chapter, to help you create the birth and postpartum experience you imagine, and to support you and your family along the way.

Kiah Brody


Mom of three. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from James Madison University, I went on to receive my Masters Degree in Social Work from Monmouth University, and became a Licensed Social Worker in 2010. Prior to becoming a mother, I was drawn to working with those struggling with mental health issues, and also, those struggling with addiction issues. During my graduate studies, I interned at CPC Behavioral Healthcare, an outpatient mental health and addiction program, and at Rumson-Fair Haven High School, under the School Social Worker. After becoming an LSW in 2010, I went on to become the Primary Adolescent Counselor at the Phillip House (A New Hope Facility), an outpatient program in Long Branch. I worked until I gave birth to my first child, and then decided it was time to focus on being at home, and raising my own family.

Throughout the years I have been home with my children, I have continued to build upon my license and education with continuing education courses and narrow in on my passion in this field. As I personally developed and grew into a mother myself, I began to truly see the need for postpartum support amongst each mother’s journey. I witnessed mothers (myself, being one of them), immensely preparing for their pregnancy and labor/birth journeys however falling short of self-care once the baby arrived. It wasn’t until I had my third baby, where I finally felt I had the awareness to what support I needed, the courage to ask for it, and the right tribe surrounding me to lift me, and my baby up when times called for it.  I wonder to myself time to time, what kind of mother would I have been, if I had this incredible source of support with my first, or second child? I was fortunate enough to meet this “mama tribe” at the school where my older children attend, and where I met Chelsea, my former doula, and current partner in crime. With our individual experiences as both career women, and as mothers, we built this beautiful foundation to provide other mothers, like us, with postpartum care that we all deserve to have. We want to provide new mothers the opportunity to surround themselves with support and resources, to feel empowered to conquer whatever obstacles motherhood may throw at them, and to feel encouraged that the job they are doing is right and enough for their baby.
We want to provide new mothers the opportunity to surround themselves with support and resources