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August 16, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Labor Partners Cheat Sheet

It is so common that we get the eye roll and gasp from partner’s that are looking into childbirth ed with their wives.  The common conversation is…”This is just one day of our lives, I’m worried about the next 20.” I absolutely understand that!  My husband and I had similar conversations.  That was the beauty of the childbirth classes we had, we began to understand together that this wasn’t something that would be happening TO me, this was something we get empower ourselves to understand, make great decisions and guide each other through the most important day of our lives.  The two days in my life that contain childbirth memories went two very different ways however, the one thing that is consistent is how supportive, strong and focused my husband was.  He is GOOD at childbirth.  He can get in my head, he can keep me centered, he was everything for me.  He kept me on my path towards a natural childbirth with my daughter and got me through a freight train like labor and birth with my twins (under 4 hours).

Partner’s may not realize how important their roll is until that day.  Doula or no doula, you are important!   With all of that said, you may be a week away from your baby coming and freaking out right now because you didn’t do the classes, didn’t hire a doula and suddenly realize it is just YOU and your partner in that room…and that’s OK too!  You got this =)  We will be rolling out a more comprehensive quick course this winter, but for now…our quick and easy dad cheat sheet!


Birth Partner Cheat Sheet