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August 16, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Essential Oils For Labor

We talk a lot about essential oils as doulas, they are used for so many different things and as a pregnant mom, the more you know the better!  You can start using oils early on in your pregnancy to start creating a memory bank of ways to relax and release.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic, for example. – www.fifthsense.org.uk

So, lets talk oils.  Lavender oil is by far the number one oil we find our self recommending to newly pregnant moms.  It is known as a calming and relaxing herb and is often used for anxiety, stress and as a sleep aid.  A few drops in the bath tub every single time you take a bath will start to associate that scent to relaxation.   We use Lavender during your labor in a diffuser as well as for deep massage and acupressure.

Clary Sage is only recommended after 39 weeks for acupressure massage and during labor.  It is a natural uterotonic which means it can bring on and intensify uterine contractions.  If you are looking for more natural induction methods this is a great method to use along with a carrier oil and massage along the belly and inner calf acupressure points.

During labor I use these great blends:

3 drops of Wild Orange with 3 drops Lavender  in a diffuser

5 drops of Peppermint – This is during pushing, it helps with nausea as well as energizes the room!

These two books will get you through pregnancy, postpartum, babies and kids with oils!