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Childbirth Education

Choose from our Ala Carte Education Menu!

Let's be honest, big group classes are never going to work for everyone. They are one size fits all and we want more for our clients. This is how it works: Choose multiple classes and build your own personalized one on one childbirth class. We will partner you with one of our Doulas/Educators/Nurses that would be the best fit for your specific needs.

Twin moms planning to Bottle Feed and use cloth diapers? GREAT - we got you.

VBAC that wants an epidural - COOL, we got you.

Single mom wanting your best friend to do classes with you? DONE

These Are NOT just videos - These are personalized classes from our team! Select from below and drop all your classes into the cart, pay...and we will reach out to schedule your one on one (or two on one) private class!

Preparing For a Cesarean





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Epidurals and Pain Relief Options


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Breastfeeding Essentials


Cloth Diapering



Newborn Care



In Depth Natural Childbirth Class



Two Hour Childbirth Refresher