Om Mamas Virtual Doulas

Our team of experts has developed a quick and easy program to empower you and your partner to go at it alone, well almost alone...we will be available by phone, text or facetime whenever you need us! We believe in you and we believe it's possible to learn just what you need to know to have a beautiful and empowered birth! If you finish our program and feel empowered but would still love a doula? We apply 50% of your payment towards your doula services!


Virtual Doula Package



  • Two 1 Hour Consultations With A Professional Doula
  • Digital Downloads
  • Om Mamas Welcome Packet!
  • Basics, Need to Know Childbirth Ed Packet
  • Positioning Information for Birth Balls, Peanut Balls, Pain management and pushing
  • 24/7 Access to Our Doulas
  • 50% can go towards a doula if you decide you want to hire us to be onsite!
1Who is the Virtual Doula Program For?
This program is for the client that is looking for our lower price, discount doulas. This is our way of still providing our highly trained and extremely experienced doulas at a lower rate. This is also a great option for client who are not sure they want a doula yet but want to learn more about what their partners can offer. We will train your partner and help you through the entire process and if you are still feeling like you would like the presence of a doula, (the physical, instinctual and onsite support) you can sign up and apply $200 of your Virtual Doula payment towards our doula services! It's also for the client that wants to work with us but is not local to NJ, PA or Jacksonville! We still want to help and would love to be a huge part of your journey!
2What will I learn here that I would not learn in my childbirth education class?
While we do offer basic childbirth education so you understand different parts of the labor and birth process, we are not here to simply educate. We are here as an ongoing support system. Our consultations will be focused on your experience, your specific hospital, OB or Midwife, any health issues, preferences, or emotional traumas that may be a part of your experience that are different than others in your childbirth education class.
3Still More Questions?
Email us! We are always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have: