The Mind Body Connection – How to Stay Present During Birth
May 11, 2016
Baby Keeane
June 29, 2016

Baby Asher

My husband and I had interviewed several doulas prior to meeting Chelsea- and it was a complete breath of fresh air when we met her. I knew immediately, at that initial meeting, that she would be the perfect doula for my husband and I, and that we needed her at our birth. I am so grateful I trusted my instincts. From the start Chelsea listened carefully to my husband and me with an open mind and responded to our endless questions with confidence.

She drew on her own experiences with birth to bring empathy and understanding to our every interaction with her. From that initial meeting Chelsea was our cheerleader, fueling us with confidence, providing endless support for our birth plan, checking up on us in the days leading up to our birth, and providing reassurance in moments of doubt. In the end, our birth took a complex turn of events; from the very start Chelsea was at the hospital with us to guide us through an induction; she was a beacon of light during a stressful beginning.

My labor took a course of events my husband and I could not have anticipated, and Chelsea was there in every moment, guiding us to adapt and allowing us to stick to our birth plan as best we could while navigating some very foreign territory. Chelsea remained calm through every twist and turn; my husband and I say all the time now, we would not have survived my birth without her there. She provided comfort and warmth, expertise and gentle care, love and light. She was there in every moment, giving us every opportunity we had asked for in our birth plan even when events took complicated turns.

In the days after my birth Chelsea has continued to be there for us, helping us process the details of my labor and providing my husband and I with endless support and new perspective. Chelsea is a true professional but we now think of her as family. She will be the first call I make when my husband and I plan a second birth. We are so grateful to have had Chelsea as our doula; I cannot imagine having gone through my birth without her there. Chelsea will always be a huge part of our lives and we are so grateful for her. – Jessica