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April 8, 2019
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5 Services For New Parents To Make Your Life Easier

5 Services For New Parents To Make Your Life Easier

We have been brewing up this blog post for a long time. There are a million things to do and they tend to start swirling around you once you are home with baby and trying to just rest. It’s easier said than done and often last minute trips to Target or racing out to the grocery store in between feeds happens all too often.

When we had our twins we found out the hard way that diapers go VERY fast, dinner time creeps up out of nowhere, garbage piles up like crazy and somehow no one is getting fed properly other then baby.

My husband and I started battling it out often about how we were out of certain things all the time or couldn’t keep up with certain things we used to do daily so I reached out to my twin group for help online.

I started trying out a few key things that helped us survive and now, 4 years later we STILL have almost all of these things set up. Although, they have evolved…they are our lifeline to weekly survival with a chaotic schedule. I wish I had known how much easier these things would make my life before I had my babies. Setting them up pre-baby and then making light adjustments would have been ideal…soooo, lets get you guys going early! I know we are fairly hyper focused on food here but with kids, newborns and a growing family it seems to be what my world is spinning around these days…if we are a day late on grocery delivery/trips or meals we are totally losing it and settling on greasy takeout. (not cool)

Grocery Delivery

We have tried them all! Shop Rite pick up, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Fresh and Instacart. If Amazon Fresh delivers to your area…IT’S THE WORLDS BEST SERVICE! The fact that I could click and have everything delivered whenever I wanted and it was Whole Foods quality produce was amazing. You can re order on there, so you can get a cart set up that really works for you…the produce is not individually wrapped in plastic like you get on Peapod and all the healthy organic food that you may have to travel for normally is all there! They did miss an item or something came damaged once or twice and they immediately refunded us. No questions asked. Amazon strikes again, but this one is seriously an amazing service! We are an affiliate for Amazon so they set us up with $25 coupons for any clients that click through from us…click below

Diapers –

So, I will start by saying I don’t live in a place with a ton of services for cloth diapers, so if you go that way…research services that will pick up, clean and return them because those are pretty dreamy!

We used and STILL use Amazon Subscribe and save or now it can specifically be Amazon Family. Click through for 30 days free of Amazon Family to see if its’ a good fit but let me talk about both programs:

Amazon Family includes: Our membership program offers special benefits including, the perk here is that it’s Amazon Prime but with the 20% off any diaper subscription and the coupons and deal are phenomenal.

  • *Save 20% on diapers subscriptions
  • *Exclusive Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family
  • *Exclusive Baby Registry benefits
  • *FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • *Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • *Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits

If you have many things you can set up in automatic delivery from amazon Subscribe and Save is the way to go!

If you subscribe to more than one thing on Amazon, i.e. we subscribe to toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, Q-tips, Kind Bars, Cacao, Maca and used to do diapers and wipes (until 6 months ago…woohoooo) then you get 15% off of the entire monthly order. You can set it up to come once a month, every 2 months, 3 months etc. Once it’s up and running you just adjust if there is a new product or new size of something you need, but it sends you an email before it ships so you can change things and it arrives at your doorstep on the same day every month. The discount is amazing and it makes it so you aren’t constantly running back out for the dumb stuff.


DYPER is the way to go =)

Some KEY things about Dyper that we are officially obsessed with:

If you are a subscriber, they will deliver to you ANYWHERE in 2-24 hours if you somehow run out. On vacation, at your moms, just at home and realize you 2 diapers away from wrapping your baby in a washcloth…seriously folks, they have an SOS service that is on the app and it’s amazing!

If you walk outside and bury your diaper in your yard…it would full biodegrade in 75 days. Do you know what that means for our dumps? This MASSIVE build up can be slimmed down majorly just by diapers biodegrading alone if all other companies would switch to this model. You can fully compost these yourself or just feel assured when you trash them that they will be breaking down quickly.

They are only $64/month and arrive on time. This price is on par with all other delivery services and diapers. We are in the range of other organic diapers but with all these key services wrapped in to the deal.

They work well….blow out approved =)

Thats my pitch…in honor of Earth Day and saving the planet….try this brand out!

Cleaning Service –

I know this seems like a total luxury…but if you think about that 3-4 hours you get back by hiring someone to come and clean after your chaos…it’s WORTH IT! We found someone through a mommy group and she was amazing with working around the kids. This service really should only be $100 or under depending on where you live….DO IT!

Green Chef or other Meal Service –

Soooo, I went about 2 years of hearing people get these meal services and I did not understand the point at all.

Now, it’s been a year of getting them and I’m obsessed. We cut back on our groceries to alleviate the price and found we are spending about the same amount each month.

They average about $12-13 per serving (we just get the 2 person and the kids eat a bit but mostly survive on hummus, avocado, lentil soup and rice so I’m not spending the extra money on them yet haha)

I love cooking but was getting very stressed about the evening meal prep. It felt like a full time job and running out with three babies/toddlers is 100% not ok at 5PM when you realize you are out of something.

We use Green Chef because they are so healthy, super nutrient rich, the vegan foods are basically void of any processed foods (we found many vegan options out there contained a lot of the alternative meats, alternative dairy, etc and the ingredients didn’t make us feel as good). They allow for a protein swap with the meat meals, so if you get something made with chicken you can switch to fish, etc.

We are not an official affilate to Green Chef yet but we do have a link for 4 free meals available here: Green Chef

I hope this all helps! I know some things take a bit to get set up, but trust me once you get in to a grove of these services arriving monthly and little parts of your brain start to free up, just knowing things are moving the way they should you will feel so FREEEEEEE! =)