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5 Organic and Non-Toxic Baby Brands We Love

5 Organic and Non-Toxic Baby Brands We Love

One of the biggest “non-birth” questions we get is regarding the safest brands for baby gear in your home.

Why is this a priority for so many? With recent discoveries of off gassing and what chemicals are actually being used during production and manufacturing of so many things from carpet and paint to furniture and textiles, it’s become an increasing risk for our little ones. There are fears of toxins building up in our systems that are contributing to allergies, sickness and even cancer.

This is why our brands matter. I urge you to be knowledgeable about every purchase you make. It’s not that hard to navigate many brands these days, if they are following guidelines to be eco-friendly, organic, toxin free – they will be shouting it from the rooftops!

We support these brands A LOT, we stick with these and will continue to promote them as long as they aren’t getting sold or changing the way they do things…If there is one thing I can promise you guys, I will do everything I can to only share brands I know are going to be healthy and safe for these babies whether they are the babies I’m helping along their journey or the ones I have never met. We want to be authentic and the only way we can do that correctly is by open communication and sharing what we learn along the way both as doulas and as parents. With that said, if you find something better, if you hate something we recommend, we need to know about it! Share everything! The only way we can grow and get better is through feedback.

Sooooo, lets do this!


Let’s start with one of my all time favorite brands: NOOK Sleep Systems

Why people love them:

“We own a lily pad, a lounger, and a pebble jr pillow! Love the materials they use! And they wash up so well, like new! We want to purchase the twin mattress for our 2.5 y/o! Love nook sleep!”

Tracy S.

They are washable, ECO, Safe and portable…their mattresses are great but their play space mats are just so soft, squishy and what you want to be sitting on when you are on the floor with your baby/babies.

Every Nook LilyPad re-purposes 26 BPA Water Bottles that would otherwise end up in a land fill.


I will continue to praise this company because I’m so shocked by what they have created. With the twins, I would have paid good money for an option this obvious.

  • Made from Bamboo so they are crazy soft!
  • Subscription Option – So You Never Run Out
  • BUT IF you DO run out – they will deliver your diapers WHEREVER YOU ARE within 24 hours!
  • No Latex, Lotions or Perfumes (AKA Sans Poison)
  • They even deliver in Recyclable boxes with non toxic ink (they thought of everything)
  • Pure White Only – No PRINTS, which means no toxic inks on the diapers
  • Wetness indicator – Without the toxic gels normally used for absorption


So, the thing about play gyms is…every square inch of it will be in their mouths. So, don’t you want to make sure the materials are all safe, organic, toxin free and worry free for mom and dad?

Unlike other play gyms this one is so beautiful, you will want it out in the middle of your home. This is the perfect registry item and was just added to Amazon so purchasing is now easy-peezy =)

Play Gym
  • Adjustable height
  • untreated Indian hardwood
  • stains and lacquers used as finishing on frame are free of lead, phthalate, nickel, mercury, and VOCs
  • G.O.T.S. certified 100% organic cotton knit wool stuffing
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes & wax
  • toys made in Peru & India
  • And side note….Their Sloth Line is SUPERB
Eli the Sloth Rattle
Sloth Bandana


So, this brand has been around for a while now, we bought these mattresses when my 6 year old was born and we loved it. The big thing with this brand is they are NOT STOPPING when it comes to certifications and staying at the very top of their industry for ethical standards.

This is a list of just some of their current certifications.

  • Non-GMO Verified
  • OCS100 Organic Content Standard
  • MADE SAFE means a product has been made with ingredients not known or suspected to cause human health harm. Materials in our products have been scrutinized by scientists and experts to ensure they do not contain harmful ingredients or release vapors, gases, or by-products that could impact human health. 
  • Tested for Chemical Emissions
  • Formaldehyde Free Verified
  • Forest Stewardship Council® / Rainforest Alliance
  • Green America – All Naturepedic products have been validated by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment Certification Program to meet the UL formaldehyde-free standard.
Organic Cotton Crib Mattress
Shop babyearth.com for everything for baby's world

Toddler Pillow

We still use their crib mattress as a landing pad for our toddler climbing wall haha, but the toddler pillow is the perfect size and nice feeling worry free about what your toddler is breathing in while they sleep.

BeautyCounter KIDS and BABY

So, what is it about BeautyCounter that has parents switching?

The letter from Gregg (Founder) –

Like many of you, I’m a wife and mom—and, like many of you, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. As I applied sunscreen, lotion, and any number of beauty products on myself and my kids, I never thought for a second they might not be safe: After all, I thought, we live in a country that regulates everything. So imagine my surprise when I learned that when it comes to the personal care industry, that’s simply not the case. Companies are allowed to use harmful ingredients and make their own judgments about safety. And so I started Beautycounter, a company devoted to progress. Here you’ll find a wealth of empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier, along with safer products you can trust. Because we all deserve better. Our vision is bold; real answers are never timid. Help us put truth back in beauty.

Gregg Renfrow

Top Products – the kids Shampoo and Bodywash is a favorite in our house. It bubbles up just enough, smells great (my kids say so) and feels clean. Most of my doula clients that try the baby wash are totally hooked as well =)

The sunscreen is amazing and really just so nice finally having an option you don’t have to triple check that they aren’t selling to the highest bidder and adding new chemicals.

• Broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen for everyday use.
• Water-resistant for 80 minutes.
• Provides UVA and UVB defense.
• Lightweight formula is designed to absorb easily.
• Delivers the convenience and even application of an aerosol
(but is actually air-powered).
• Sprays on white to help guide application.
• Sprays at any angle.
• Formulated without gluten ingredients.*
• Nut-free*
• Oxybenzone-free
• Octinoxate-free
*Beautycounter cannot guarantee that products are made in a gluten-free facility. Persons with extreme allergies are encouraged to consult a doctor before using this product.

Technology: At Beautycounter, we prohibit chemical SPF filters due to their
potential for skin irritation. We prefer to use physical sunscreens, more
commonly known as mineral sunscreens. Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide sit
on the surface of the skin, and physically bounce or reflect sun’s rays away
from the skin.
Formula: Our innovative mineral sunscreen mist uses non-nano zinc oxide. We evaluate the particle size of the non-nano zinc oxide we formulate with to ensure that there is low potential risk of respiration when sprayed and does not enter the bloodstream. We never use octinoxate or oxybenzone, ingredients with potential to damage coral reefs, making our sunscreen active safer for both people and our oceans.