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Why Encapsulate Your Placenta?
August 16, 2017
Second Time Client – Baby 2
February 3, 2019

3rd Baby – Twin Mom

10 Days past her due date and mama started feeling contractions at Whole Foods around 8PM. They intensified by around 11:30PM and I got the first phone call from dad. I asked how she was managing and he said “Currently, she is just packing the girls lunches and backpacks for tomorrow” They have 20 month old twins already. At this point the contractions were about 1 minute long and 3 minutes apart so I asked them to continue timing, try the tub and I started getting ready. By the time I was ready, they were ready and we headed over to the hospital. She was 9CM when we arrived and had sweet Tyler Hudson about 90 minutes later on all 4s. Mama was still smiling and relaxed in between contractions and handled pushing like a champ.