Postpartum Doulas

  • Overnights
  • Informed expertise in all things baby
  • Multiples
  • Baby Wearing
  • Baby Bonding
  • Baby Soothing
  • Meal Prep
  • Teas and tonics
  • Lactation support and guidance
  • The Fourth Trimester Menu Guidance

What can you expect with our postpartum doulas?

Postpartum Doulas can arrive soon after you come home from the hospital and our job is to have a rested and informed mind and bring some sanity to your world.

I’ll never forget my first month home with my twins.  I felt like I had entered a war zone, I was exhausted and they needed everything from me, all the time.  I had no idea there were options like Postpartum Doulas out there!  It would have been a game changer for us.

As postpartum doulas we come in, we are by your side or out of your way, we can hold your baby so you can…dare I say it? Shower! Or maybe even sit and eat a meal.  Many of our doulas are also excellent cooks and ready to help with hearty, nutritious post baby cooking, smoothies and even help you with a meal plan.

Our goal as postpartum doulas is to be part of your support system.  We have tips and tricks to help with infant soothing, listening and helping with anything you need so you can focus on that precious baby bonding that is so important in those first days and weeks.

Friends and Family can gift these services as well!

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